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The best fabada in the world

The best fabada in the world

The best fabada in the world
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    We are already before the eighth edition of the contest «The Best Fabada in the World» y a total of 100 restaurants, 23 of them, not Asturians, show up to cook it with care.

    The final will be held on March 6 in Villaviciosa and next Monday, January 15, at the Asturian Center in Madrid, they will compete to secure one of the three places reserved for restaurants outside Asturias in the grand final. In this semifinal in Madrid there are representatives from Barcelona, ​​Ciudad Real, Valencia, Toledo, Alicante, Mallorca, Madrid, La Coruña and Murcia; which shows that nowadays fabada is a recognized dish and that it is made with a great flavor also outside of Asturias.

    The members of the jury of the previous phase are: David Fernández, Xavier Agulló, Raquel Pardo, Gregorio García, Nacho Coterón, Eva Rodrigo and Emiliano Domenech. A jury of the most demanding because to win the fabadas can be tasted up to three times, in a first phase anonymously and secretly.
    The winners in previous editions have always been Asturian restaurants: Casa de Comidas Chema (2011 and 2017), El Moreno (2012), El Llar de Viri (2013), Sidriría Bedriñana (2014), Los Pomares (2015) and Vista Alegre ( 2016).

    The contest is organized by the Town Hall of Villaviciosa and the company of gastronomic events Gustatio.

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