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The Cuevona de Cuevas del Agua

A cave on the road

A cave on the road

We usually call tunnel to an artificial underground passage open. When the tunnel is on the same road, it is normal to find a perfectly standardized cavity, cylindrical in shape, through which the air is circulated at a convenient speed thanks to more artifices.

This everyday reality on the roads, has its counterpoint in a tunnel nothing common and very little artificial that we must go through with our vehicle if we want to get to the other side.

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The Cuevona de Cuevas del Agua (not to be confused with the Cuevona de Ardines, a rock reference in the vicinity of Tito Bustillo), is one of the few worldwide examples of cavities through which asphalt meanders.

The grandiosity of its vaults, illuminated for greater satisfaction of driver and companions, and the About 300 meters of travel they grant an unknown sensation in front of the steering wheel. It is easy to deduce that this immense cavern has always been the only access to the village of Cuevas del Agua. A step that previously ran through a road enabled by neighbors, and that the modernity and urgency of communications, became the last stretch of a local road that dies shortly after crossing the cave.

Keep some excellent calcareous formations, and it is a privileged field of experimentation for the little ones, who, accompanied by their teachers, can begin their first recognition of a medium that is often not very accessible. It is easy to identify the different areas of the cave, those where life develops, whether in the limit with light, in total darkness, in the terrestrial environment or in the aquatic one. Algae and fungi, lichens, mosses, ferns are classified, always conditioned by the greater or lesser luminosity. Also the cave fauna: the occasional guests and those who inhabit it permanently, with special emphasis on bats. Children also make measurements of temperature, humidity, light ...

The town of Cuevas del Agua

The town of Cuevas It also has a privileged location, its enviable orography on the banks of the river Sella and at the foot of the mountain, together with its peculiar access, convert it in some way into an authentic lost village, where they are preserved as in a few places the signs of identity of rural life. It is the town of the municipality with the largest number of granaries. Together with the nearby towns of Tresmonte and Xuncu, it offers numerous ethnographic elements and samples of traditional architecture. The theory also applies in the Route of the mills, path that part of the town itself and that is especially interesting because it allows to assist in situ to a demonstration of how these hydraulic devices of another era worked.

The Cuevona is, in short, the only step to a place not inaccessible, but surprising, almost secret, where the tranquility is the same as centuries ago, and where houses and granaries coexist with the silent river, men on horseback, cows and chickens on the roads, hydrangeas and cabbages.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.4331474 Length: -5.0731730


Cuevas del Agua is a town of barely half a hundred inhabitants about seven kilometers from the village of Ribadesella.

To get here we leave the town, cross the bridge towards the beach and turn left, towards the Tito Bustillo Caves. About 900 meters later, we passed the villages of La Huertona and Sardalla; About 700 meters further on when we reach an ascending section we find the signs to Cuevas del Agua. From this fork we follow the road until the end.

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