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The Berrea in Peñamayor 2015

The Berrea in Peñamayor 2015

The Berrea in Peñamayor 2015
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    This fall let yourself be surprised by the bellowing of the deer in the Peñamayor mountain range, in the heart of the Comarca de la Sidra, and enjoy a unique spectacle of nature.

    Every year coinciding with the end of summer, "La Berrea" or "Celo del Ciervo" takes place. For about a month, from mid-September to mid-October, the "deer" with a great crash of bellowing, tree-tripping and fighting with other males defend their territory.

    Meeting point: Nava Visitor Reception Center
    25 and 26 days for September, 2 and 3 for October
    Time: 16.30 pm
    Approximate duration: 4.00 h
    Free activity

    It will be necessary to travel by vehicle on behalf of the user, in which it will be traveled by unpaved roads and in which low vehicles could rub against the ground.
    It is recommended to attend with appropriate clothing and footwear, as well as the use of binoculars.

    There is a limited number of places, so if you are interested in participating, it is essential to book in advance.
    Tourism MANCOSI
    Paraes 47. 33529 Nava (Asturias)
    Telephone: 985 71 84 13 | Fax: 985 71 85 31

    Restaurants in the area have organized days with menus and special hunting dishes. Also, during these days, different accommodations have prepared a host of special promotions so you do not miss the opportunity to live this experience.

    In case you want to enjoy the bellowing on your own, we will indicate the coordinates of one of the best locations to do it in the Sierra de Peñamayor: GPS coordinates 43º 17´ 54.06 ″ N / 5º 30´ 3.58 ″ W

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