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The bellowing in the mountain range of Peñamayor

The bellowing in the mountain range of Peñamayor

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    The days 22 to 24 of September and 29 of sept. At 1 in October, the participants will be taken to the posts from which the roar of these cervids can be observed during the process of attracting the females. The visits are free and start from the town of Nava. Because the number of places is limited, a prior reservation will be necessary on the 985 71 74 77 phone.

    The deer are felt in the Sierra de Peñamayor.
    The next weeks the Tourism Foundation of the Comarca de la Sidra and the City of Nava, in collaboration with the Association of Hunters Nava (Agrudeca), organized for the fourth consecutive year guided tours to enjoy the bellowing of the Deer in the Sierra of Peñamayor.

    The autumn begins to show its colors in the forests and mountain ranges of the Comarca de la Sidra, having in the mountainous massif of Peñamayor one of its maximum exponents. To this visual spectacle will be added in a few days a rumor that invades the countryside of this natural space, we are talking about the bellowing of the deer.

    This activity, which combines tourism with the enjoyment and knowledge of nature, is one of the proposals that has generated the best results in the Comarca de la Sidra. Proof of this is how in the last edition were hundreds of people who came to the Sierra to listen to these majestic animals accompanied by hunters, who delighted the audience by telling anecdotes and stories of the mountain and wildlife that live

    Other locations in Asturias where to spot the berrea are: the municipality of Aller, the Redes Natural Park, the Somiedo Natural Park, the municipality of Ponga and the municipality of Proaza.

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