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Mycological Days at the Oscos

Mycological Days at the Oscos

Mycological Days at the Oscos
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    It is autumn and the forest gives us abundant fruits, among them the mushrooms. For lovers of these mushrooms. Several restaurants of the Oscos offer during the whole autumn, previous reservation of table, delicious mushroom-based seasonal menus area.

    They have also organized guided tours to collect and classify mushrooms, they have a price of 30 euros and 10 euros more with a delicious mycological menu.
    After the exits you can visit a mushroom exhibition and receive free mycological advice in the Culture House of each municipality, on the dates indicated, from 17: 30 to 18: 30 hours.

    The 10 schedule: 00 to 18: 30 hours per day:
    1 and 28 of November, and 8 of December, in Villanueva de Oscos.
    December 15 and December 6 in San Martín de Oscos.

    Likewise, the 21 and 22 days in November will celebrate a course of marketing, packaging and cooking of mushrooms.
    On Saturday 21 will address the rules for the marketing of mushrooms and will discuss the organoleptic characteristics of them. In the afternoon the theme will be the transformation and packaging.

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