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Jornadas Gastro del Mar de Ribadesella

Jornadas Gastro del Mar de Ribadesella

Jornadas Gastro del Mar de Ribadesella

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    The 14 16 weekend of 2013 will be held at the XXIX Ribadesella Gastronomic Days of the Sea, organized by the Ribadesella Turismo Foundation.

    In these Gastronomic Days of the Sea of ​​Ribadesella 2013 will be 14 the establishments of the municipality which will offer some special menus that include entrance, two courses and dessert, for a price of EUR 22 (VAT included, drinks NOT included).

    The establishments of Ribadesella that participate in the gastronomic event are:

    ARBIDEL Restaurant
    C / Oscura, 1. Tel. 985 86 14 40

    Pica pica del mar (appetizer)
    Milk sardines marinated with apple and dehydrated tomato
    Chicharro with truffled cabbage and pickled vegetables
    Fabes of the farm with squid and stewed crab
    Lemon cake in cup
    Arbidel Restaurant

    Sidrería CASA GASPAR
    López Muñiz Street, 6. Tel. 985 86 06 76

    Salad of monkfish and king prawns
    Fabines verdines with clams and octopus
    Fish and seafood stew
    Finance with mandarin ice cream
    Casa Gaspar Restaurant

    EL ROMPEOLAS Restaurant
    C / Manuel Fdez. Juncos, 11. Tel. 985 86 02 87

    Grilled penknives and prawns
    Fabes with clams or sea salad
    Hake of the pinchu to the Breakwater
    Homemade desserts

    C / Ricardo Cangas, 1. Tel. 985 86 01 50

    Tasting of coastal mouths
    Chickpeas with prawns
    Hake loins of Ribadesella in green sauce
    White Chocolate coulant
    Gran Hotel del Sella

    Restaurant QUINCE NUDOS
    C / Avelina Cerra, 6. Tel. 984 11 20 73

    Royal Stew of Shellfish and Vegetable Sprouts
    Fideuá caldosa of octopus and clams a la marinera with ali-oli toasted
    Sea bass fillet on sepia noodles and creamy crab noodles
    King Silo cheese tiramisu
    Fifteen Knots

    SIBARIZ Restaurant, EL ESCONDITE sidrería bar, LA MAR SALADA wine shop, CASA ANTÓN restaurant, CASA BASILIO cider house, CASA PACHO inn, EL CENADOR DE LLANTARES restaurant, ANA MESSION and LA TERRAZA cider bar.

    In addition, 17 hotel establishments -Hostels, hotels, pensions, Village Houses and rural apartments- will offer a special discount of 10% on those dates to their guests. The organizers insist on booking before approaching to avoid problems.

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