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XXI Jornadas de la Matanza 2018

XXI Jornadas de la Matanza 2018

XXI Jornadas de la Matanza 2018
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    This year will take place From 3 to 28 in February. It is necessary to approach the towns of Sobrefoz, Corigos, Campurriondi, Mestas de Ponga and Tornín to taste the convincing menu.
    This gastronomic event is a Festival of Tourist Interest of the Principality of Asturias.

    The prices of the menu will be like last year: 27 eur / adult y 13 eur / under 12 years; although you can only get a discount coupon for 2 euros ONLY for the first weekend of February (maximum 1 coupon per person per day). You have to be attentive to the publications you make in the press, social networks, etc ... and they will get that coupon.

    They are celebrated every weekend of February and consist of consecutive 9 dishes (liver soup, pot of cabbage, pregnant borona, hands of gochu, tripe, stewed tongue, boronzu fritu, picadillo, fried loin), including coffee and desserts. This year we will accompany our slaughter menus with Viña Real DO Rioja wine.

    The participating restaurants This 2018 are:
    • Severe House in Sobrefoz (985 843 234 - 620 134 533)
    • Alto Sella in Corigos (985 944 903 - 616 198 821)
    • Camín de los Beyos in Campurriondi (985 944 698 - 606 625 864)
    • Casta de Mestas in Mestas de Ponga (985 843 055)
    • Dobra Bridge in Tornín (985 848 342 - 606 424 254
    • Benign House in Sobrefoz (985 843 106)

    Bon appetit to all!

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