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Days of Flour and Corn Llanes 2014

Days of Flour and Corn Llanes 2014

Days of Flour and Corn Llanes 2014
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    One more year in the month of March are organized the Days of flour and corn, this year 2014 will take place March 21, 22 and 23 days, the price is 18 € + VAT including wine with DO

    And it is that the flour and the corn form an important part of the tradition and the gastronomic culture of Llanes; the tortos, the borona or the pantruque They are undoubtedly the best known dishes that are made with that base.

    The IX Gastronomic Days of Flour and Corn are organized by the City, with the collaboration of the Llanisca Association of Restaurants (Allares), Promotion of Tourism (Fomtur), Association of Merchants of Llanes (Llanescor), the Asturian Federation of Councils (FACC) and the Ministry of Economy and Employment of the Principality.

    Arbor Restaurant La Hacienda de Don Juan

    C / La Concepción, 5. Llanes
    Tno .: 985 403 559
    More info Hacienda de Don Juan Restaurant

    Home Appetizers
    Asturian broth with pantruque and truffled egg
    Iberian feather in crust of corn to the wine of Porto
    Tortin with apple Tatin and foie
    Corn bread torrija with cinnamon ice cream and cream of rice with Milk
    Wine with DO, coffee and shot

    Restaurant Contamos Contigo

    Tno .: 985 925 609
    More info Restaurant Contamos Contigo

    Verdinas with pantruque and morcilla
    Pregnant Borona
    Assortment of tortos or cachopines in a cornmeal sauce
    Homemade desserts to choose
    Wine with DO, coffee and shot

    Hotel Restaurant Kaype-Quintamar

    Beach of Mud. Mud
    Tno .: 985 400 900
    More info Hotel Kaype Quintamar

    Our selection of appetizers
    Corn nest with sautéed prawns, octopus and seasonal mushrooms over avocado soup
    Tournedó from Iberian to the cheese of the Pear tree on corn crust and potato New Bridge
    Strawberry Charlota with corn tile and black chocolate stew
    Wine with DO, coffee and shot

    La Bolera Restaurant
    Plaza de San Roque. Llanes
    Tno .: 985 403 361

    El Campanu Restaurant
    Pº de la República, 7. Llanes
    Tno .: 985 401 021

    Sidrería La Casona
    C / Mayor, 26. Llanes
    Tno .: 985 400 958

    La Cueva Restaurant
    C / Marqués de Canillejas, 3. Llanes
    Tno .: 985 401 864

    Hotel Montemar
    C / Genaro Riestra, 8. Llanes
    Tno .: 985 400 100

    Riomar Restaurant
    Toró beach. Llanes
    Tno .: 985 401 026

    Salero Restaurant(Except Sunday Night)
    C / Marqués de Argüelles, 3. Llanes
    Tno .: 985 402 951

    San Pelayo Restaurant
    Tno .: 985 407 376

    Ríu Calabres Restaurant
    The Corredoria. Bricia (Posada)
    Tno .: 985 407 622

    La Portilla Restaurant
    Three large
    T .: 985 411 202 / 630 736 235

    Photo of Isa http://yunpocodediseno.blogspot.com.es

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