Days of the Fabada and Verdinas de Llanes

Days of the Fabada and Verdinas de Llanes
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This year the 11, 12, 13, 18, 19 and 20 days of November of 2011 will be held at the X Gastronomic Days of Fabada, Fabes and Verdinas de Llanes. A unique gastronomic event, with products from the local vegetable garden and a careful preparation that will surely reap the success of previous years.

In this area the "pantruque" (cornmeal and egg flour bun) is added to the traditional fabada and in the interior of the municipality of Llanes, in the Ardisana Valley, beans of smaller size and green, of Exquisite and smooth taste, the verdina. All these varieties can be tasted in the conference.

The menu consists of: first starters of the house, second Asturian fabada or specialty fabes or verdinas, desserts from the house and brand wine included.
Your price: 21 € + VAT

It is recommended to book in advance.

1.-Restaurant Contamos Contigo. Ardisana Tfno: 985 925 609
Fabada with Pantruque. Fabes with Hunting. Verdinas with seafood. Verdinas with Rabo de Toro.
More info Restaurant Contamos Contigo

2.- Grill Restaurant Riegu. Riegu Vidiago. Tel: 985 411 011
Fabada Asturiana. Fabes with Clams. Pot with Pantruque. Verdinas with Boar.
More info Riegu Restaurant

3.- Hotel Restaurant Kaype-Quintamar. Beach of Mud. Mud. Tel: 985 400 900
Tasting dish consisting of: Fabada Asturiana con Pantruque. Fabes with Monkfish and Mushrooms. Verdinas with lobster and prawns. Fabes with Pig Handles. Yellow with Partridge.
More info Hotel Restaurant Kaype-Quintamar

4.- Restorant El Campanu. Pº de La República, 7. Llanes
Asturian pot. Fabes with Clams. Verdinas with pork rib Fabes with Boar. Fabinas de Granja with Lamps.

5.- El Riveru Restaurant. C / Ignacio Noriega "El Gaiteru", 2. Llanes
Fabada. Fabes with Callos. Verdinas with seafood. Beans with Pedreru octopus.

6.- Hotel Restaurant Montemar. C / Genaro Riestra, 8. Llanes
Asturian pot. Fabes with Rabo de Toro. Verdinas with seafood.

7.- Riomar Restaurant. Toró beach. Llanes
Fabes with Crab. Fabada with Pantruque and Bolla. Pot of Beans with Morru de Gochu. Verdinas with Boar Stew. Fabes with Clams. Cazuelitas Tasting.

8.- Siete Puertas Restaurant. C / Manuel Cue, 7 Llanes.
Fabada with Pantruque. Fabes with Clam Fabes with Boar. Verdinas with squid in their ink. Verdinas with seafood.

9.- El Cuera Restaurant. Pl. Parres Sobrino, 9. Llanes
Salad of Verdinas with Vinaigrette and Seafood. Fabes with squid in its ink. Fabada Asturiana.

10.- Mesón La Fuente. Andrín.
Fabada Asturiana with Pantruque. Verdinas to the Llanisca. Fabes with Pitu.

11.- Mirador de Toró Restaurant. Avda. De Toró. Llanes
Fabada Asturiana. Verdinas with seafood. Fabes with Boar. Fabes with clams and prawns.

12.- Chiqui Restaurant. Celorio
Fabada. Fabes with Clams. Verdinas with squids in their ink.

13.- Mª Elena Restaurant. Beach of Borizo. Celorio
Verdinas with Bogavante. Fabada with Pantruque. Fabinas with octopus and Iberian ham.

14.- La Pumarada Restaurant. Llames de Pría.
Fabada Asturiana. Fabes with Centollu. Verdinas with Boar.

15.- San Pelayo Restaurant. Nmber
Fabada with Pantruque. Asturian pot. Fabes with squid in his ink. Verdinas with seafood. Verdinas with Boar.

16.- Casa Pilar Restaurant. New.
1º weekend: Fabes de la Granja with Prawns. Verdinas with Compangu. 2º weekend: Fabes de la Granja with Partridge. Verdinas with Rabo de Toro.

17.- Hotel - Restaurant La Farola del Mar. Poo beach Poo
To choose between a tasting of the four or choose one of them: Verdinas with Andaricas, Langoustines and Cigalas. Asturian pot with Pantruque and Bollas (Homemade). Fabada. Jabas with Bogavante del Cantábrico.

18.- Ríu Calabres Restaurant. The Corredoria. Bricia Hostal.
Fabada Asturiana with Pantruque. Fabes with Clams. Verdinas with Duck and Mushroom Confit. Beans of the Dinner of the Priest with Cheeks to the Mole.

19.- Aquarium Restaurant. Ctra. De la Rebollada. Hostal.
Fabada de la Abuela with Compangu y Pantruque. Verdinas del Valle de Ardisana with Rape Delights. Fabes Rojas with surprise. Yellow fabes with Iberian pork cheeks.

20.- Sidrería La Casona Restaurant. C / Mayor, 26. Llanes
Verdinas with seafood. Fabada. Asturian pot. Fabes with Rabo de Toro. Negritos with Pig and Rice Handyman.

Enjoy your meal!

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