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IX Equestrian Raid in Porrúa

IX Equestrian Raid in Porrúa

IX Equestrian Raid in Porrúa
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    The llanisca town of Porrúa will host the next 3 and 4 days in November the "IX Equestrian Raid Club MYC", horse raid organized by the Sports Club Mountains and Horses, with the collaboration of the Equestrian Federation of the Principality of Asturias and the City of Llanes .

    The raid is an equestrian discipline in which the speed, skill and physical and psychological resistance of the horse and rider is put to the test, since both must travel great distances in a day, through the most diverse terrains and against time. .

    Yes, on Saturday November 3 day, in the Llacín Cultural Center, a Technification Conference of the Federation is scheduled, which will be attended by Miquel Vila Ubach, trainer and rider, World Champion in 2006, European Champion in 1999 and Champion of Spain in 1997 and 2006.
    The program is as follows:

    -10.00 h: opening and presentation.

    -10.30 h: the selection of Raid's horse.

    -12.00 h: high competition training I.

    -13.30 h: espicha.

    -15.00 h: high competition training II.

    The competition itself is Sunday.
    The Raid is open to participation in three categories. The start of the race will take place at the 09: 00 hours for the higher categories (CEI and CEN), and 10.30 hours in the case of the CETP category, all of them from the Porrúa car park.

    On November 4 Sunday The “IX Raid Equestrian Club MyC” test will be carried out, with the following categories:

    -International: CEI * 85 Km. (Asturias Absolute Championship), 1 COPA * and RFHE Young Horses.

    -National: CEN 0 * 85 Km.

    -Territorial: CETP45 km.

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