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IV Cabrales Gastronomic Days

IV Cabrales Gastronomic Days

IV Cabrales Gastronomic Days
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    Enjoy the "IV Gastronomic Conference of Quesu CABRALES and Organic Meat of RECIELLA. Kid and Lamb of the Picos de Europa ». On May, 31 takes place at the Casa de los Bárcena, in Carreña de Cabrales.

    The conferences are held for the fourth consecutive year in the council of Cabrales. In this edition they will be held every day of the month of June.

    Activities of the days:
    Event: Thursday May 31st · 18,00 h.
    Official presentation of the IV Gastronomic Days of Quesu Cabrales and Carne de Reciella: Corderu and Cabritu of the Picos de Europa, in the Casa de los Bárcena, in Carreña de Cabrales.

    Saturday 2 June · 17,00 h.
    III Traditional Tosquila Contest of Cabrales. With the performance of María Teresa González Soto and Oscarín Fernández. Place: Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Carreña de Cabrales.

    Dominican 3 June · 11,00 h.
    Visit to an ecological livestock farm. Meeting place: Arenas de Cabrales Tourism Office. Only with prior reservation in the 660 405 774.

    Friday June 8 · 17,00 h.
    Visit to the facilities of the cave of Cares. Free entrance, until capacity is completed.

    Saturday 9 June · From the 10,00 h.
    Mercau de Quesu Cabrales.
    From the 17,00 h. Quesu Cabrales popular tasting. Place: Plaza del Castañeu de Arenas de Cabrales.

    Participating menus and restaurants:
    Menu price 25 € VAT included.

    Casa Sagües Restaurant · Arenas · 661 548 767 / 661 548 768
    Starters: croquetas de quesu Cabrales.
    First dish: Cabrales mushrooms over corn tortilla or scrambled tuna and cabrales.
    Second course: cabritu de los Picos with patatines and salad. * Organic meat.
    Dessert: cider cake or stuffed frixuelos.
    Wine DO Rioja Crianza «Noreñón» red or cider DO «El Sueve».
    More info Casa Sagües Restaurant.

    Bar-Sidrería Niembro · Asiegu · 985 45 001
    Menu suitable for coeliacs.
    Starters: candied onion toast and quesu Telledu.
    First dish: tempered salad of Torreznos and Asturian cheeses.
    Second course: frixuelos stuffed with cabritu del Cuera and hazelnut honey. * Organic meat.
    Third dish: organic corderu xaldu. * Organic meat.
    Dessert: cream ice cream with milk and hot chocolate.
    Cider homegrown «Pamirandi» or DO Rioja Wine.
    More info Bar-Sidrería Niembro.

    Hotel Restaurant Sotres · Sotres · 985 945 048
    Starters: gizzards of cabritu empanadas, asadurilla de cabritu encebollada, croquettes of quesu Cabrales.
    First dish: cabrales salad with walnuts and honey sauce.
    Second course: Peacock of the Peaks with chips.
    Dessert: to choose between quesu tart with blackberry jam, rice pudding and Cabrales quesil with apple sweet.
    DO Rioja harvest wine, coffee and shot.
    More info Hotel Restaurant Sotres.

    Café Cares Restaurant · Arenas · 985 846 628
    Starters: pates of the days.
    First dish: endives with smoked salmon at Cabrales.
    Second course: fabes con cabritu or corderu xaldu with patatines.
    Dessert: quesu Cabrales or quesu tart with blueberries.
    Crianza wine (35 cl per person) or water.
    More info Café Cares Restaurant.

    Hotel Restaurant Peña Castil · Sotres · 985 945 049
    Starters: corn tortos with Cabrales.
    First dish: endives to Cabrales with anchovies.
    Second course: cabritu guisau with patatines. * Organic meat.
    Dessert: quesu tart with blueberries or rice pudding.
    DO Rioja wine, coffee and shot.
    More info Hotel Restaurant Peña Castil.

    La Panera Restaurant · Arenas · 638 034 929 / 985 846 810
    Starters: corn cake with Cabrales cheese, corn cake with mince.
    First dish: hot mushroom casserole in Cabrales.
    Second course: cabrito of Picos de Europa in La Panera style.
    Dessert: rice with homemade milk.
    DO Rioja wine, coffee and shot.

    Cider House Calluenga · Arenas · 985 846 441
    Starters: Endives with Cabrales sauce. Stuffed tomatoes with Cabrales. Dates with bacon stuffed Cabrales. Croquettes to Cabrales.
    First course: verdinas with clams.
    Second course: ecological goat of the Picos de Europa with patatines. * Organic meat.
    Dessert: rice pudding or booze.
    Cider or Wine DO Rioja, coffee and shot.

    El Castañeu Restaurant · Arenas · 985 846 573
    Starters: croquetas al Cabrales or Endives salad Cabrales.
    First course: liver soup.
    Second course: sea bass with cider.
    Third dish: cabritu a la caszuela asado.
    Dessert: apple or cheesecake, rice pudding or roasted apples in Cabrales.
    Cider or Wine DO Rioja, coffee and shot.

    Hotel Restaurant Casa Cipriano · Sotres · 985 945 024
    Starters: Cabrales cheese pate.
    First dish: tempered goat cheese salad or fabes with cabritu. * Organic meat.
    Second course: cabritu de Reciella. * Organic meat.
    Dessert: homemade dessert.
    "Picos de Cabariezo" came from the land.

    El Urogallo Restaurant · Arenas · 985 846 711
    Starters: Corn tortillas with Cabrales cheese and caramelized onions.
    First course: asturianu pot or onions stuffed with cabritu. * Organic meat.
    Second course: cabritu guisau in the style of my guela. * Organic meat.
    Dessert: homemade desserts, marc creme brulee and quesu Cabrales.
    Rioja wine or cider, water, shot and coffee.

    Organize and collaborate ASCATUR: 660 40 57 74.

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