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IV Solidarity Race against the ELA

IV Solidarity Race against the ELA

IV Solidarity Race against the ELA

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    La 4ª edition of the Riosellana Popular Race against the ELA It will take place on November 19, it will be possible for all people who wish to participate, federated or not, and who are 18 years old on the day of the test. Minors may also do so with the consent of the father / mother / guardian.

    · The registration fee is 10 € for the absolute category.

    · Time and place of the test

    The numbers will be delivered in the Multipurpose room of the Watchtower, at 9 time: 00 to 11: 30 hours, being these personal and non-transferable. The place of departure of the race will be the Plaza Nueva.
    It is an urban circuit, to which you will have to go around, being the route of about 5 km.

    The departure of the children's categories will be at 11 am and the absolute categories will be at 12 am; having a maximum time of 45 'to finish the test.

    · Registrationif you want to enroll in the race against ALS



    The funds obtained will go to the Asturian Association against ELA

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