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Camping information Canoes 2015

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Preparations for the 79º edition of the Canoe Festival continue forward in the municipalities of Ribadesella and Parres.
We detail all the information about the official campings of canoeists and selleros.

Camping in Ribadesella

The City Council of Ribadesella announced changes in the canoe camping for this 79th edition. The area included in El Malecón and the surroundings of IES Avelina Cerra is eliminated, leaving the official camping of the Sella centered in the area of ​​Prau de San Juan and La Mediana.

Another novelty is the price of camping. In previous years, the same rate was charged to anyone who arrived at any time, 20 euros.
This year, 2015 will be the base rate, which will be charged the day the camping area opens, but in the following ones a reduced price will be applied according to the number of nights that will be staying. Those who settle in both areas from Thursday or Friday will pay 20 euros per camper and 10 for the parking if they use it. Both prices will be reduced by half for those who do so starting at eight o'clock on Saturday morning (10 euros camper and 5 euros car).

Parking of vehicles
There will be a parking available on the Truyes farm, entrance to Ribadesella by Llovio, where you can park the vehicles. The parking will cost 10 euros per car from Thursday and, from the 8 hours on Saturday, will be reduced by half.

There will be a shuttle service from the parking lot to the villa. It will be again the tourist train and several buses that will transport the selleros, without additional cost to the parking lot. The intention is to improve the schedules, especially the last ones

La camping of the paddlers It has been definitively located in the Campos de Oba and there, in addition to the chemical baths that the Town Hall will place, they will be able to enjoy the showers and changing rooms built by the owner of La Ribera in the basement of the building, the old disco of this establishment.

To get closer on Saturday morning to the parade in Arriondas la Entaína Association will charter a bus. You can already buy the seats in the Chirou Corquieu to 5 €.

Camping in Arriondas

The "selleros" chosen by Arriondas to spend the night in Las Piraguas this year, like the previous one, may do so free in the park of La Concordia and nearby, where the camping was organized.
From Thursday 6 in August to 10 in the evening. The showers of the municipal swimming pool can be used, the Friday of the 11: 00 to 20: 00 hours, the Saturday of the 08: 30 to the 20: 00 hours and the Sunday of 08: 30 to the 12: 00 hours. The price will be 2,70 €.

Traffic regulations in Las Pirguas 2015

Friday August 7 day, traffic will be restricted on the N-632 road, on the Llovio-Ribadesella stretch, pk 0 to the 1,8 pk between the 17.00 and the 24.00 hours.

The August 8 day, traffic on the N-634 road will be restricted, between Llovio and Arriondas, from 09.00 hours, until the end of the sports event.

It also reminds the prohibition to circulate through the N-634, between the pk 327 in Llovio (Ribadesella) and the pk 382 (Lieres), from the 07.00 hours to the 24.00 hours, in both directions, to the vehicles that transport goods in general with more than 7.500 kg of mma, to articulated vehicles of any mma, to vehicles transporting dangerous goods of more than 3.500 kg of mma, to special transports, special vehicles and self-propelled cranes.
Likewise, the circulation of the aforementioned vehicles is prohibited on 8 day, from 07.00 hours to 24.00 hours, on the N-625 highway, between pk 155, Cangas de Onís and pk 162 El Portazgo (Arriondas).

It is forbidden the circulation on public roads to motor vehicles that lack registration, documentation, and other vehicles that do not offer sufficient guarantees of safety for circulation.

The restriction of the access of the vehicles to Arriondas will be made according to the availability of occupation in the locality, until the circulation is normalized.
Traffic will also be restricted in the accesses to Ribadesella by the AS-263 road, between the 16.00 and the 24.00 hours, from the 0 pk to the 2 pk.

Vehicles that run on the A-8, in both directions of traffic, and that go to Covadonga and Picos de Europa, must use the exit number 300, located at pk 300,1, Balmori, to take the AS-263 to Posada de Llanes, where they will join the AS-115 to the Alto de la Robellada.

Likewise, the vehicles from the Central Zone of the Principality to Cangas de Onís, Covadonga, etc., are recommended to take the N-14 road in the town of Lieres, pk 64 of the A-634. Address to Nava, Infiesto, Arriondas

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