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Info Camping Canyons 2016

Info Camping Canyons 2016

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    From 1 to 7 in August we celebrate the Big Week of Piragües en Ribadesella. Tendremos actividades para los más pequeños, fiesta, diversión y como no el LXXX Descenso Internacional del Sella.

    Durante el lunes y el martes de Piraguas habrá tres espacios de ocio infantil para que los mas pequeños puedan saltar y brincar en los juegos y atracciones que se instalarán en: la plaza del Ayuntamiento, la plaza de la Iglesia y la Plaza Nueva.

    · Tuesday 2 of August:
    22: 30 to 23: 30 hours Mapping Plaza Ayto. 80 Anniversary Descent of the Sella. Tribute to the victors from Rio de Janeiro.
    Paris Noia in the area of ​​the Rula.

    · Wednesday 3 of August:
    XI Villa de Ribadesella Regatta «Mini Sella».
    panorama in the area of ​​the Rula.

    · Thursday 4 of August:
    16: 00 hours Lifting of autonomic flags and against clock heads of series. Winners' Walk
    Tekila in the Plaza Nueva.

    · Friday 5 of August:
    S.XXI in the Plaza Nueva.

    Saturday August 6 at 12 in the morning the LXXX International Descent of the Sella entre Arriondas y Ribadesella. En esta edición tan especial, la número 80, será la periodista asturiana Lara Álvarez the one in charge to read the traditional verses of Dionisio de la Huerta after which the "Asturias Patria querida" is sung and the exit of the test is given.

    Canoeing Camping in Arriondas 2016

    As in previous years, the City Council of Parres offers a camping area, the Concordia Park, It will open its doors to the 2 in the afternoon on Thursday 4 day in August and will close on Sunday at noon.
    Also, as usual, it will be free.

    Camping Piragües in Ribadesella 2016

    Free camping is prohibited throughout the municipality, and may be subject to punishment. For the 80 Edition of the International Descent of the Sella - Party of Las Piraguas 2016, the following changes have been introduced regarding the controlled camping areas organized by the City Council of Ribadesella in previous editions:
    · Se elimina la zona comprendida en El Malecón y las inmediaciones del IES Avelina Cerra, quedando la camping official Sella focused solely on the area of ​​"Prau de San Juan and La Mediana" (in the vicinity of the municipal sports center).
    · Otra de las novedades es el precio de la acampada. Quienes se instalen a partir de las 20:00 horas del miércoles 3 de agosto de 2016 (hora de apertura de la zona de acampada) abonarán 20 euros per person during the entire stay. People who access the controlled camping area starting at eight o'clock on Saturday morning 6 day of 2016, they will pay only half (10 euros / person during the entire stay). The controlled camping area of ​​the "Prau de San Juan and La Mediana", equipped with toilets and showers, will open at 20: 00 hours on Wednesday 3 day of August of 2016, and will be closed at 12: 00 hours of Sunday 7 day of August of 2016.

    1 Observe the logical rules of coexistence and public order.
    2 Collect all kinds of waste in closed bags, depositing them in the containers that are installed for this purpose.
    3 Adopt the necessary precautions for the security of your belongings and values. Ribadesella City Council is not responsible for robberies, theft or damage of any kind that may be victims campers and their belongings. Neither will be responsible for damages caused by fires caused by the campers themselves or their belongings, atmospheric incidents or any other cause outside the Organization.
    4 Follow the instructions of the Organization's staff at all times.
    5 Leave the controlled camping area, with all the equipment, before closing it.

    1 Ignite any kind of fire, as well as the use of gas stoves or barbecues.
    2 Use amplified music equipment.
    3 Disrupt the rest of the other campers, with behaviors that alter normal coexistence.
    4 Practice games or sports that can be dangerous or disturb others.
    5 Introduce animals that have not been authorized.
    6 Leave waste outside the containers intended for it.
    7 Install fences, fences or awnings, as well as any other element for which no prior authorization has been obtained.
    8 Carry out any kind of acts that may damage or damage the property, hygiene or appearance of the controlled camping area.

    Piragües Ribadesella car parks 2016

    Given the scarcity of parking during those days, and to forget about fines and tow trucks, it is recommended to park the vehicles in the car parks that are specially enabled for those days.
    · Para facilitar el aparcamiento de las personas que se dirijan a la zona de la acampada, se habilitará el Parking in the "Zona de La Mediana", whose cost will be 10 € for the vehicles that access from the 20: 00 hours of Wednesday 3 of August of 2016 (time of opening of the parking). Vehicles that access the parking lot starting at eight o'clock on Saturday morning 6 day of 2016, will pay only half (5 € / vehicle). Parking is not rotary, so it is recommended not to move the vehicle during the stay.
    · To facilitate the parking of vehicles of those people who come to enjoy the holidays, will be enabled free parking areas duly marked at the exit of Ribadesella towards Llanes by the AS-263. There will be free transportation from these parking areas to the city center (round trip) at the following times: Friday and Saturday from 17.00 to 23.30 hours; 09 Sunday: 30 to 12: 00 hours. Vehicles must leave the parking areas before the 12: 00 hours on Sunday 7 day of August of 2016.

    Bus of Les Piragües

    En the Entaina Association They organize the bus to go to Les Arriondes to the parade and see the exit live, then return to Ribeseya in the most comfortable way.
    You can find them on the market Wednesdays of the villa, 20 and 27 in July and 3 in August, from 11 to 14 hours and also on Monday at the last minute, the 18 and 25 in July and the 1 in August at the Plaza of Supplies, from 20 to 22 hours.
    Partners 5 €, companion 10 €. (One companion per partner).

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