In winter time take a holiday in Asturias

Asturias in all seasons

Asturias in all seasons

Asturias is always a good tourist point even in winter holidays. Despite the cold weather that characterizes this season, this region offers lots of attractions that have diversified in the last times, offering all kinds of activities for our free time:

Walking by nature, enjoying the culture and gastronomy, visiting the historical patrimony, attending to traditional events or admiring an endless list of images of great beauty.

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Each geographic area in this Principality of Asturias adds a new value to rural tourism. The point in common to all tourism is the high concept of quality That hotels, hostels and rural houses have of tourism even in winter time. This season in this region is often characterized by quiet towns and warm accommodations.

The hotel and catering businesses have opened new tourist projects in mountainous areas that are usually depressed in winter season. A higher activity has developed in sectors such as commerce, restaurants, craftsmanship or native products.

The new opening of tourism firms specialized in active and extreme sports in the surroundings of the accommodations, complete the rural tourism with many options to spend our free time. There are also all kinds of activities for all ages and public.

The asturian winter offers charming places from the noise and stress of cities, places in which we can enjoy a warm evening in a rural house with chimney in the middle of a rustic comfort. These rural towns always offer beauty in any season of the year: wonderful landscapes, culture, snow, mountains, cliffs, all of them with a good local gastronomy and a lot of routes to villages and cities.

The rural accommodations in Asturias are of different kind but in all of them we find a high degree of professionalism.

The rural houses are good elements for promotion and local development for the rural areas. Moreover, visiting these houses is always a good option to get closer to nature, traditions and asturian culture for those who want to enjoy this beautiful region. In the last seven years Asturias has passed from 50 to 500 rural houses. These accommodations are located in rural centers, normally in areas that are not hotels or hostels. These rural houses can be rented in two ways: As a shared rural house, people rent individual rooms inside the house including breakfast or on the other hand, we can rent the whole rural house for us. The quality of these houses is divided into three levels as regards their services. They are identified with the anagram CA.

The rural hotels are also of high quality, offering good instalments and showing the traditional architecture of the area. As it happens with other hotels, they are classified in five stars depending on the services they offer to visitors.

Tourist flats or apartments are considered blocks of flats which offer a dinning room, one or two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. All these flats are equipped with good instalments and furniture. These rural apartments are sometimes part of traditional architecture buildings: rustic houses or big rural houses that have been restored preserving their original charm. In other cases, they are new buildings that imitate the local and traditional architecture of the area. They are also classified in four keys depending on their services.

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