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III National Ecotourism Congress 2018

III National Ecotourism Congress 2018

III National Ecotourism Congress 2018

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    Asturias and specifically Cangas del Narcea hosts this new edition of the congress, from 13 to 15 in November, as a benchmark in the commitment to nature tourism and ecotourism for some time. The Biosphere Reserve of Muniellos and the Natural Park of Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña and Ibias are some of the main icons that visitors can discover.
    The venue of the Congress where the presentations, workshops and meals will take place will be the Parador de Corias, a magnificent blessing of the 11th century.

    The congress focuses on the main keys to consolidate ecotourism companies and destinations focusing on 4 axes:

    · Destination management: bases to design unique and sustainable experiences.
    · Promotion: transmit relevant messages that excite.
    · Marketing: provoke the link with the final customer.
    · Training: how to prepare and accredit the best professionals.

    Program of activities III National Ecotourism Congress 2018

    [November 12]
    · 17.30 - 20.30 h. - Hiring table (business to business meeting) - previous selection.

    [November 13]
    · 9.00 h. Reception and accreditation of congressmen.
    · 9.30 h. Inauguration by authorities.
    · 10.30 h. Coffee break | Official photo and attention to the media.
    · 11.00 h. Conference framework: Ecotourism, biodiversity and country cultures.
    · 11.20 h. The starting point of Ecotourism in Spain.
    · 12.00-14: 30 h. Round table 1: How the management of ecotourism destinations influences the creation of viable ecotourism experiences.
    It is about knowing and discussing the key aspects of the management of a natural space that decisively influence the success of ecotourism experiences (systems of access to natural spaces, regulation and specific regulations, exclusivity of tourism experiences to be attractive, sustainable and viable).
    · 14.30 h. Lunch Break - Parador de Corias.
    · 16.00-18: 00 h. Round table 2: Marketing, how to reach the final customer and the intermediaries (the marketing channels and their results). Questions and debate.
    · 18.15 h. Guided tours for congress participants to choose between 4 options: tasting products (honey / wine), guided tour Parador de Corias and Casco Histórico de Cangas del Narcea.

    [November 14]
    · 9: 00 h. Round table 3: National and international ecotourism promotion. The cooperation mechanisms between the administrations and the private sector for the promotion of ecotourism, results of the promotion actions, and recommendations for a better promotion at a national and international level will be presented.
    · 10.30 h. Coffee break
    · 11.00 - 12: 30 h. Round table 4: Ecotourism training and qualifications (qualifications, regulations, professional qualifications).
    · 12.30 - 14: 00 h. Space A: exchange of experiences among ecotourism companies. In this space will meet tourism companies that will tell their success stories and tourism companies and congress attendees who want to know these cases.
    · 12.30 - 14.00 h. Space B: exchange of experiences between destination managers. Directed to managers of ecotourism destinations (be they associations, GDR technicians, managers of protected areas, etc). The aim is to bring together the managers of the ecotourism destinations to present success stories collected by the SG for Tourism Development and Sustainability, in order to encourage debate on the aspects of success and lessons learned. The success stories will be about ecotourism destination planning, access regulation, creation of experiences, promotion, etc., and cooperation actions will be encouraged.
    · 14.00 h. Lunch break
    · 15.30-17: 30 h. Space A: exchange of experiences: continuation of Space A.
    · 15: 30-17: 30 h. Space B: exchange of experiences: continuation of Space B.
    · 17.30 h. Exposition of conclusions from spaces A and B. The facilitators will present the conclusions of the work and exchange spaces.
    · 18: 00 h. Conclusions of the III National Ecotourism Congress.
    · 18.30 h. Closure of the Congress by the authorities.
    · 19: 00 h. Guided tours for congress participants to choose between 4 options: tasting products (honey / wine), guided tour Parador de Corias and historic center of Cangas del Narcea.

    [November 15]
    · 9: 00 - 16: 00 h. Field trip | Muniellos Biosphere Reserve and Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña and Ibias Natural Park (requires prior registration).

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