II Healthy week of Cabrales 2015

II Healthy week of Cabrales 2015
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The II Healthy Week of Cabrales will take place between Monday 22 and Friday 26 of June. It will be held in the Social Center for the Elderly and the Ateneo Cabraliego.

Moons 22
· At 10.30 hours, at the Ateneo
Presentation of activities.
Gonzalo M. Blanco, from the local primary care center, will also offer a talk on obesity and overweight. In the afternoon at the Social Center a healthy cooking workshop, cold dishes and seasonal desserts will be given.

Martes 23
· At 11 hours, at the Ateneo
Javier Sampedro Concha will talk about prevalent diseases in the general population.
· At 17.30 hours, in the Social Center
Activity aimed at promoting physical and mental health of children through the arts that will be called 'Carambola Space'.

Miércoles 24
· At 17.30 hours, in the Social Center
Multi-activity dynamic workshop that combines laugh therapy, music therapy, revitalizing gymnastics and neuro-gym.

Thursday 25
· At 11 hours, at the Ateneo
They return the talks addressing a topic such as osteoporosis, considered one of the diseases of the XXI century. The conference will be offered by Pilar Rodríguez, also from the primary care center of Cabrales.

· At 17.30 hours, in the Social Center
'Mind-Body' workshop based on the positive psychology of health for emotional balance and physical health.

Friday 26th
· At 11 hours, at the Ateneo
Talk about basic aids and CPR by Ramón del Barrio.
· At 17.30 hours, in the Social Center
Workshop on healthy back.

It is necessary to register in the activities and to the workshops it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes, socks and a blanket or towel.

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