II Show creators from Rio de Janeiro

II Show creators from Rio de Janeiro
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The Thursday 2 of March is inaugurated in the House of Culture this Second Exhibition of Riosellanos Artists, dedicated to Emilio Pérez Pérez, local painter deceased in 2016, who began in the world of painting in a self-taught way and by the hand of Bernardo Uría Aza.
An affectionate and sincere homage because, "besides being one of the most renowned painters in the council, was one of the ones who opened the way to make exhibitions of this type," said the illustrator Dolores Alvarez.

The sample will be divided into two parts, in the two fortnights of the month of March. In the first fifteen days the works of the photographers will be hung Iván Casanueva, Pablo Casanueva, Luna Portas, Luis Reigada and Manuel Valle, in addition to the work of the designer Ana González and the painter and sculptor Laura Solares.

In the second fortnight, starting on Thursday 16 of March, the painters will hang their works Paci Román, Sandra Asenjo, Blanca Dacal and Teresa Valdés, the illustrator Dolores Álvarez, Nicolás Cuervo will show your photos and Jorge Sampedro, will show your stone carvings.

· March 9, talk about the Camino de Santiago.
· 31 of March, closing day, pincheo and contemporary dance show offered by Blanca Dacal.

coordinates Latitude: 43.4614105 Length: -5.0584903

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