II Xata La Rifa Festival Llanes 2013

II Xata La Rifa Festival Llanes 2013

From the 01 to 13 in October, the Xata La Rifa Festival will be held in the municipality of Llanes, in several locations: Poo, Balmori, Mazucu, Niembro and Porrúa. As they define it: scenic events in the villages of Llanes.

From the involvement of many artists, energy and commitment of collaborators of the Xata and the sale of the tickets of the Xata raffle, the fantasy of creating alternative stables and rural theaters is becoming reality. "If you have a block, you have a theater."

More info Web Xata the Raffle

Day1 | Tuesday | POO
Xagarda Bar & El Paso Bar
INAUGURATION: Presentation of the Festival, interventions, screenings, tapas at 20.30 h.

2 Day | Wednesday | BALMORI
College of the Sorrowful

WORKSHOP (2, 3, 4 and 5 October): 'The Rape of Europe' by Jesús Rubio, from 17.30 h. to 20.00 h.
CINESCENA. Cuba Libre, at 20.30 h.

3 Day | Thursday | BALMORI
College of the Sorrowful

THEATERS: 'Arab Cycles' & 'Alorcados', at 20.30 h.
GLOCAL CUISINE (2, 3, 4 and 5 October): Local remains with global spices

4 Day | Friday | BALMORI

College of the Sorrowful
WORKSHOP (4 and 5 October): 'Drawing in space' by Enriqueta Morejón, from 17.30 h. to 20.00 h.

Fountain Vieya de Balmori
CONCERT Fee Reega to the 20.30 h.

5 Day | Saturday | BALMORI
College of the Sorrowful

WORKSHOP: 'Drawing in space' by 11.00 h. to 13.00 h.
MUUUSICAL DAY !: 12 concerts: tonada, swing-flamenco, bossa mass, electronic filandon, bagpipes, improprao, a retable of interventions, saxo-paella and tortos
of 13.00 has 01.00 h.

6 Day | Sunday | MAZUCU
Roxin restaurant and adjoining mountains

EXCURSION TO MAZUCU: Picnic, cheese, jamming and jumping chorizo ​​at 14.00 h.

7 Day | Monday | POO
Poo Beach

A FLOATING PIANO: at 18.30 h.


8 Day | Tuesday | NIEMBRO
Niembro Bay

FLOATING PIANO at 19.30 h.


9 Day | Wednesday | Various locations

CYCLE TIERNAS TERNERAS #3: exit from Arte-Poo 21.00 h.

10 Day | Thursday | BALMORI

CONVERSATORIES: Confessionals, conbesatorio, the public with the public and everyone, at 18.00 h.

11 Day | Friday | POO

Arte-Poo WORKSHOP (11 and 12 October) 'Qi-Dinamico Solodos' by Eric Jiménez and Maruxa Salas, at 11.00 has 14.00 h.

Xagarda Bar & El Paso Bar. VERMUU BOLERA: Copla and Pescadin at 14.00 h.

Route with Santa Xata and performances through the town, at 17.00 h.

The Bowling Deck. VACABARET: Varieties, dinner and auction, at 23.00 h.

12 Day | Saturday | PORRÚA AND POO

The Llacín Porrúa. XATINES DAY: Dance workshop, creative recycling, chocolate with xata cookies for children, from the 16.30 h. at 19.30 h.

A BOVINE PARADE, 18.00 h. Departure from the Casino de Porrúa bar.

The Bowling Deck of Poo. GALA DE LA RIFA: Poemuariu, concerts, poopourri, reality cowshow, parillada xatahamburguesa, karaoke asturianu and great live raffle and via streaming all over the world !, at 22.00 h.

13 Day | Sunday | POO
Poo Beach
FOLKLORE ANIMAL: Dance primaxata, Fabadapoop, Rabos de Lagartija, Teatro Extremo, dairy fires from 14.00 h.

More info Web Xata the Raffle

coordinates Latitude: 43.4290009 Length: -4.7832904

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