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I Wild Mushroom Gastronomic Days

I Wild Mushroom Gastronomic Days

I Wild Mushroom Gastronomic Days
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    The 1st Autumn Mushroom Gastronomic Days begin the 23 in October and offer delicious recipes until November's 1. Sixteen establishments of the Comarca de la Sidra have joined the event, organized by Asturhongo in collaboration with Hospitality and Tourism in Asturias (OTEA).

    Restaurants from the municipalities of Cabranes, Colunga, Nava and Villaviciosa will prepare dishes with different varieties of mushrooms such as the níscalo, rebozulo, ticket edulis, cow tongue or wild thistle during these ten days. The organization offers freedom to each business to make their recipes and the only obligatory condition that restaurateurs will have will be the acquisition of the wild mushrooms through a sales channel in possession of sanitary registration number.

    The presentation of the conference is on Wednesday 21 October at 12 hours in the Room of Carlos V of the House of Hevia, Villaviciosa, with organizers, authorities and participants.

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