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1st Conference Gastro del Gamonéu

1st Conference Gastro del Gamonéu

1st Conference Gastro del Gamonéu
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    From the 4 to the 27 of October there is an appointment in the Comarca of the Picos de Europa: 1st Gastronomic Days of Gamoneu cheese.
    Organized by the Confraternity of Friends of Quesu de Gamoneu in collaboration with the Incatur tourist association.

    The participating restaurants will prepare a menu consisting of 4 dishes: an appetizer, a first course, a second course and a dessert (of these four dishes two must necessarily bring Gamoneu cheese) to a 15,00 price € with the cellar included.

    Also, on Saturday 12 will be held on LXXIII Contest-exhibition of Cheeses from the Picos de Europa, one of the oldest in the country, in the Plaza Camila Beceña. Simultaneously, the Fair of honey from eastern Asturias and, in the local market, the traditional Autumn Fair for all kinds of cattle

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