I Active Tourism Fair RibaActiva 2018

I Active Tourism Fair RibaActiva 2018

Summer has gone by with its hustle and bustle, and there are already activities planned for the next Puente del Pilar.
In the village of Ribadesella there will be the popular horse race suspended in March, an active tourism fair for all lovers of outdoor sports and a bagpipes festival.

I Active Tourism Fair RibaActiva 2018

Ribadesella will be the active tourism capital in the Puente del Pilar. The Paseo Princesa Letizia, on one of the banks of the estuary, will be the location where the exhibitors will be installed and where all those activities and programmed proposals will be developed.

The fair will open on Friday 12 in October and will close on Sunday 14 in October with 10 schedule: 00 to 20: 30 hours, except Sunday, which will close at mid afternoon (18: 00 h.).

It will be a meeting between professionals of the sector. An opportunity to direct business and exchange of ideas, very interesting talks and all the flavor of the cradle of active tourism in Spain.

That same weekend of festive bridge, the postponed horse races will take place.

XXIX Ribadesella 2018 Horse Race

This Saturday 13 October, of 11: 00 to the 14.00 hours, in the riosellana beach of Santa Marina will be held the race of cannual bonuses, last March's 28 Wednesday suspended due to the terrible state of the beach after the winter storms, the beach presented the opening of a very dangerous channel for the riders.

«The Horse Racing of the Ribadesella Beach» are organized as a recreational and sporting event of an amateur nature, to promote the promotion of horse riding. A distance of approximately 1.500 meters is traveled. An almost magical environment, where you feel a different show ...

In all categories, the minimum weight of the rider is 70 Kilos. In each category there is 1.500 € in prizes.

Horse race in Santa Marina

VII Bagpipe Band Festival

[12 October]
· 19.00 hours. Traditional dance workshop.
· 21.30 hours. Parade and performance of BG Ribeseya and GB El Corveru.
· 22.15 hours. Jam Session at Chigre Corquieu.

[13 October]
12.00 hours. Workshop «Basic concepts of tuning and maintenance of the Asturian bagpipe», at the School of Music.
· 18.00 hours. Festival in the Plaza Nueva: BG Siero, BG Nova Fronteira of Galicia, BG Ribeseya and GB El Corveru.
23.00 hours. Concert «Aú?».

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