Hunting and fishing in Asturias

From preserve to preserve

For the lovers of the path, step by step, Asturias reveals its most intimate secrets; waterfalls with silvery tongue, rivers laden with salmon, inmates and trouts that flow into a Cantabrian that overflows strength and purity and where El Pescador he delights lance after lance.

Y the hunter, enjoy stakes and beatings where the best prize is always pure hunting, where there are no fences or fences and where you really enjoy the game species in the wild will be waiting for you after the day, remembering the places, the emotions of the search and the encounter revealed by the barking of the dogs.

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The only place in the entire peninsula where hunt takes on its full significance to unveil the real challenge of defeating the animal on its land and in freedom. Where you can enjoy "la berrea", "la ronca", and look for the chamois in the high peaks of the Cantabrian mountain range. Where the silences are heard, enjoy the Roe deer, in stalking and beaten, without forgetting the wild pig, around which much of the hunting in Asturias revolves.

In the Principality you will find more than 60 hunting reserves, 13 refuges, 10 reserves and 2 controlled hunting grounds. Only in our region can 450 deer, 80 chamois, 78 roe deer, 1.100 boars, 50 rabbits, 4.500 partridges or more of 1.200 quail be hunted during the past year. At your disposal more than 900.000 hectares for the best hunting.

A place where they rest, like cider in the oldest of llagares, history and modernity, culture and gastronomy, hunting and fishing. Where the traveler can follow the traces of our ancestors in walls and roofs of deep caves or ride on the back of an equine and discover, with different eyes, villages and towns where time took a rest. Alone or in family or with our friends, we can see the great Bear of the mountains or hear, with luck, the capercaillie song.

A land where it has been preserved nature, from generation to generation, to be able to enjoy fishing with 63 salmon preserves and 44 trout preserves distributed throughout its geography, from the Eo basin to the Cares basin. There are zones of special regime and free zones where last year 2.042 salmon were caught among all our rivers and close to 1.000.000 of trout.

Asturias, where flora and fauna coexist in harmony of colors, shapes and smells that delight our senses and make vibrate the spirit that seeks the emotion of the fishing of the "campanu" or enjoy the whipping in the north. With all the passion towards hunting and fishing, with all the respect towards nature and with all the information of the present in our rich region to know how and where to practice your favorite hobby thanks to the experience of hunters and fishermen of all the Principality that enrich us with their contributions and opinion articles.

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