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Silva Brothers

Silva Brothers

Silva Brothers
C / Comercio 24,


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Hnos. Silva is a family company. His beginnings were back in the 70 years, dedicating himself to repairs and electrical installations.

In 1979 opens its first store dedicated to the sale of appliances, lighting and gift items.
We are currently a team of people with years of experience in the electrical and telecommunications sector, at the residential, commercial and industrial level, both in new construction and in its maintenance and repair. All our staff offers a great experience, backed by their training (authorized installers).

Being up to date adapting to new technologies and permanent advice and support to our customers is one of our maxims, offering a comprehensive service of facilities in all the electrical and telecommunications sectors.

Our offer is extended with the opening of new lighting stores and appliances, and with new sections dedicated to construction such as bathroom furniture, where the client will find a wide range of technical and aesthetic solutions.

We offer an integral service of facilities that include the following activities:

Technical office:
· Electrical projects
· Certificates of electrical installations
· Telecommunications bulletins
· Advice with the electric companies

Electrical installations:
· Buildings intended for housing
· Single family homes
· Commercial and industrial premises
· Heating. Energy savings

· Telecommunications infrastructures
· Audiovisual systems

Security and protection systems:
· Alarm
· Fire detection
· Centralized aspiration

Store 200 square meters where you will find all kinds of lights, both for your business (bars, offices, shops of all kinds ...) and for your home.

· Decorative lighting:
The best technical and aesthetic solutions, where you will find elements of rustic, marine decoration, design in all its versions-halogen and LED-and also classic lighting.
You will receive advice from our staff specialized in new trends and solutions.

· Garden lighting:
A wide range of possibilities for outdoor and garden lighting, where you will find a large assortment of models and designs.
The best brands in the market and a specialized staff that will advise you of the best solutions to your needs.

Our appliance store belongs to the TIEN21 chain, with an area of ​​200 square meters and a wide range of top brand products.

· Ovens and kitchen countertops
· Refrigerators not frost
· Combis
· Washing machines
· Dishwasher
· Dryers
· Freezers
· Thermos and heaters

· First brands on TV: LCD and LED, 4K and SMART TV

· Small appliances: plates, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, hair dryers, fryers, pots ...

Our store 150 square meters offers all the novelties in mirrors, bathroom cabinets, accessories, screens ..., in a variety of shapes and finishes.

· Furniture exhibition
A very wide range of bathroom sets, all trends, designs, colors and the best manufacturers in the sector.
Our specialized staff is responsible for serving and installing it, coordinating the assembly with the plumber.

Exhibition of screens
Standard and custom screens, compensation profiles, 4 and 6 mm glasses, all finished in profiles: white, chrome, silver, satin ...
Screens for baths and shower trays in all formats and sizes.
All screens include their placement.

coordinates Latitude: 43.4626083 Length: -5.0590034 qualifying.

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