Brikopex Hardware Store

Brikopex Hardware Store
López Muñiz 17, Ribadesella
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At Brikopex we are experts in hardware, drugstore, tools, household goods and garden. Sale of first brands.
We are at your disposal in the central street Lopez Muñiz 19 of Ribadesella.
We belong to COFEDAS GROUP.

· Schedule: from 09: 00 to 14: 00 hour s and from 16: 00 to 20: 00 hours.

Find what you need in our wide range of hardware. Do you need a ladder or a stool, a tool or a light bulb?
If you are a lover of DIY and do it yourself here you can find all the screws, nails or dowels you need to complete your small or large projects. You can also find accessories for doors and accessories for windows, hangers, ropes, chains and ribbons, or all kinds of supports.

· Locksmith 24 hours.
· Repair of blinds.
· Duplicate keys.
· Tools
· Machinery.
· Screws
· Electric material.
· Gardening.
· Kitchenware.
· Small appliances
· Drugstore.

Fluocompact, halogen and LED bulbs with different shapes, powers and light effects.

· LED lighting: light bulbs, ceiling lights ...
· Power strips, plugs, adapters ...
· Boxes and connections.

We work with the best brands: Matel.

If you have a reform project at home, big or small, or you have to keep your garden up to date, in our store you will find everything you need.

· Measurement and leveling tools.
· Hand tools: hammers and mallets, screwdrivers, brushes, pallets and trowels, saws and saws, spatulas, pliers and tongs, chisels, chisels, scissors ...
· Protective equipment: safety footwear, work gloves and waterproof clothing.

· Plant care and pest control.
· Irrigation: hoses, garden taps, quick connector, irrigation lance, sprinklers ...
· Garden tools.
· Sulfatadoras.

We work with the best brands: Ruby, Acorn, Stanley, Bahco, 3 Claveles, Palmera, Amig, Tatay, Fischer, Sparco.
Machinery: Bosch, Einhell, Makita, Karcher, Black + Decker ...

A wide range of small household appliances, useful and practical. Guaranteed quality and savings.

· Coffee makers.
· Blenders.
· Irons.
· Sandwich makers.
· Radiators.
· Juicers
· Table top cider heaters.
· Shopping carts.

We work with the best brands: Rolser

In our store you will find a wide variety of products and cleaning supplies, as well as adhesives, glues and glues.

· Furniture wax
· Cleaning products: detergents, bleaches, mops ...
· Plagicides and rodenticides
· Solvents
· Polyurethane foams, sealants, silicones ...

We work with the best brands: Ceys, Pattex, Quilosa, Politus, Sidol ...

Weigh, measure, cut, mix ... Everything you need so that in every step you take in the kitchen, it is easy and comfortable. Find all the essentials to become an expert in the kitchen.

· Dishes, glasses and glasses.
· Cider glasses.
· Tapers, boats and glass fountains.
· Accessories for sink area and garbage bins.
· Graters and knives.
· Pots and pans.
· Bakery utensils.

We work with the best brands: Magefesa, Lacor, Taramundi cutlery, Arcos, Ibili ...

Everything you need to hang pictures, objects or any support to the wall. Just calculate the weight of what you want to fix and the support and choose the most appropriate screw or tie.

· Nails and tips.
· Tacos and screws.
· Embellishers for screws.
· Nuts and washers.
· Sockets, hooks and hooks.
· Bolt and screw cases.

· Elastic cables.
· Steel cables and wires.
· Chains.
· Straps and belts.
· Ribbons.
· Strings

We work with the best brands: Tesa, 3M ...

coordinates Latitude: 43.4618340 Length: -5.0586023

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