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Halloween Asturias 2019

Halloween Asturias 2019

This holiday coming from the other side of the Atlantic gains followers year after year. Throughout the entire Asturian geography a good number of activities are organized for young and old.
Here we publish a small agenda.

Halloween in Gijón

Halloween Race Gijón
On the night of October 31, in the Park of Los Pericones, monsters and zombies await you.
· Family career 19: 30 h .: 2.500 meters. The departure will be in the immediate vicinity of the Pool of El Llano.
· Adult race 20: 00 h .: 6.666 meters.
· Costume contest: There will be a costume and scare competition where participants must hide in the Los Pericones park (in the area where they are told by the organization) and scare the participants of the races.

· Pumpkins and skulls in the Atlantic Botanical Garden
From October 26 to November 3 from 2019
· VIII Giant Pumpkin Contest, October 27. Registration is free for all participants of 10: 00 h. to 14: 00 h.
Prizes are awarded to the heaviest, weirdest, most traditional and best decorated pumpkin on November 1 at 13: 00 h ..
· Curcubitas children's workshop on the menu: 26 of October and 2 of November. Price 6 €. From 6 years.
· Pastry workshop for the dead: October 27. From 6 years. Price 6 €.
· Asturian legends of the dead, 26 and 27 of October, 1, 2 and 3 of November. Price 1 €.
· Guided tours, 26 and 27 of October, 1, 2 and 3 of November, at 12: 00 h., 13: 00 h. and 17: 00 h.

· Sleeping with sharks in the Aquarium
In the Aquarium of Gijón, children will enter for free if they come in disguise from the 30 of October to the 3 of November. In addition, the October 31 can enjoy a different family night there. From 20 hours to 11 hours, the activity 'Sleeping with sharks' will be carried out, in which all the secrets of the sea will be known and you can sleep between sharks, rays and turtles, all with the Halloween costume on . This activity is suitable for children from 7 years. It is necessary to register previously through the aquarium website.

Halloween in Oviedo

From the day 21 to the 29 of October, the deadline for submitting applications to participate in the Family and work life reconciliation program offered by the Department of Social Centers, through children's workshops offered in seven Social Centers of the municipality, open to children between 6 and 12 years.
During the days around the “All Saints Bridge”Coinciding with the non-teaching period of the 30 and October 31, several extracurricular activities will be developed as socio-educational workshops, aimed at children between 6 and 12 years.
The schedule is from 8: 30 to 14: 00 hours and will be carried out by the sociocultural animation staff of the Social Centers Network of the City of Oviedo. They will take place in the following: Centro Social de Argañosa, CS Muñoz Degraín, CS Ciudad Naranco, CS Colloto, CS Cortijo, CS Pumarín and CS Vallobín II.
In order to participate in the activity, interested persons must submit the application form duly completed, within the time allowed, which will be from the 21 to the 29 of October, together with the corresponding documentation regarding the child's age and their accreditation as responsible for it. These applications must be submitted at the same social center (only face-to-face applications will be accepted) where this program will be hosted.
The distribution of the places will be carried out in a strict order of presentation until the places are filled between all the applications submitted, in the face-to-face mode in each social center that hosts the workshops, according to the rules that regulate the enrollment and participation in the program.

Halloween in Corvera

The City Council together with the local commerce and hospitality, associations and educational community, will celebrate the week of the Nueche d'Animes.

Thursday October 31
· At 16 hours, pumpkin and pintre decorating workshops For children. During the afternoon, in addition, the bars attached to the entity will offer special snacks at the single price of three euros, for all children under 16 years. And there will be a local decoration contest.
· At 19 hours, rock music with several passes by the Enkaskillaes group and the T-Dance group, in the Plaza de los Maestros.
· At 19.30 hours, costume parade open on the streets of Las Vegas next to the Bagpipes Band and the Corvera Music Band.
In case of rain, all activities will be transferred to Tomás and Valiente.
· La Nueche d'Ánimes will have its last appointment in El Llar, starting at 22 hours, where it will take place 'The House of Terror', organized by members of T-Dance and USS. Iberian Division of the Alud Association.

Halloween in Ribadesella

· Thursday 31 October: at 17 hours, in the tent of the Rula area, Halloweeen party, there will be music and dances, games, face painting and inflatables.
· Friday 1 November: from 18 hours Amagüestu, activities, chestnuts and sweet cider, contest recipes with chestnuts, music Bandina La Xarangana. Organize Entaine.

Halloween in Navia

· Tuesday October 29
Halloween Salt and pepper. Liceo Navia, from 5 to 8 in the afternoon. Games, snack ...

· Friday November 1
Halloween Great Party. Puerto de Vega Casino, starting at 17: 30 hours. Pablo Canalís show, chocolate…

· Thursday November 7
Halloween Salt and pepper. Puerto de Vega House of Culture, from 5 to 8 in the afternoon. Games, snack ...

Harry Potter, in Tapia de Casariego

From the 30 of October to the 15 of December, the Magic of the World of Harry Potter will arrive at Tapia de Casariego, where different activities will be carried out such as magic workshops, movies, games, crafts, storytelling and costume party.

Halloween in Teverga

· In the Teverga Prehistory Park, 1, 2 and 3 will be held on November a prehistoric amagüestu set in the Paleolithic at 13.00 and 16.30 hours. Attendees will be provided with the necessary tools to try to get fire. Once they have succeeded, they will leave the camp to collect, for which they will be equipped with a bag and they will be encouraged to look for apples and chestnuts, in addition to sticks and stones for the bonfire. After the harvest, the amagüestu will be carried out with the current means, distributing among the participants sweet cider and chestnuts.

This activity is aimed at a family audience, from 4 years and has a duration of 60 minutes and a price of 5 euros for adults and 3 euros for children under 11 years. Ticket sales are made in the park itself, by calling 985 12 25 53 or through its website.

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