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Halloween 2015 in GIjón

Halloween 2015 in GIjón

Halloween 2015 in GIjón
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    The days 30, 31 of October and 01, 02 of November the Aquarium and the Botanical Garden Atlantic of Gijón propose several activities on the occasion of the Halloween party.

    Halloween at the Aquarium of Gijón

    «Paint Halloween faces»
    It will develop in the hall of the Aquarium a pint of the most terrifying faces.
    30 October 17 Friday: 00 to 19: 00 hours
    Saturday 31 October 12: 00 to 14: 00 hours and 17: 00 to 19: 00 hours
    Price per person: 5 €.
    It is not necessary to make a reservation and it is valid for all ages.

    «Scary Tale and Costume Contest»
    November 01 Sunday at 12: 30 and 18: 00 hours.
    Aqua Space (Aquarium Theater)
    Storytelling based on the stories of Edgar Allan Poe.
    If you come dressed up or dressed for the occasion you will receive a terrifyingly great gift.
    Price of the town 6 €.
    Book your tickets in the 649098095 and 659550376 tel. Box Space Aqua.

    «Halloween makeup course»
    Learn to use water color Grimas, without gluten or parabens and makes phantasmagorical makeup.
    November 1 Sunday of 17: 00 to 19: 00 hours.
    Price: 10 € per person.
    Offer Father / mother + child 15 €.
    Material included
    Prior reservation is required in the 985 18 52 20. Limited places.

    «Halloween creates your severed finger» Solidarity activity.
    Monday 02 November 12: 30 to 13: 30 hours and 17: 00 to 18: 00 hours.
    Minimum age: 8 years.
    Each participant will learn to do, step by step, their own sectioned finger. All benefits will be for the Food Bank of Asturias through "one more guest".
    One less finger for "one more guest" ... Who dares?
    Prior reservation is required at info.angelacardin@gmail.com

    Halloween at the Botanical Garden of Gijón

    IV Contest - Exhibition of pumpkins
    24 from October to 2 from November
    Lights and music for the stars of our party! In Botanical Garden will become a catwalk where the best pumpkins presented to the different categories of the contest will show their charms to the visitor. Awards ceremony: November 1, at 13.00 hours.

    Children's workshop Sugar skulls (6 to 12 years)
    31 for October, from 12 to 14 and from 16 to 18 h.
    November 1, from 16 to 18 h.
    November 2, from 12 to 14 h.
    * Price: 6 € (15% discount for Club members of Miruéndanos)
    * Maximum capacity: 25 participants

    Magüestu family workshop 
    November 1 day, from 12 to 14.30 h.
    With this workshop, the whole family will get to know Asturian roots better and we will revive the magüestu tradition. All attendees will actively participate in the production of sweet cider and the preparation of chestnuts.
    • Theoretical part: brief explanation about chestnuts, apples and sweet cider.
    • Practical part: gymkana for the search of the ingredients and preparation of chestnuts and sweet cider.
    • Tasting of the obtained products.
    Price: € 5 person. Limited capacity (50 children and a maximum of 2 adults per child). Face-to-face registration at the Botanical Box Office.

    Pastry workshop for adults
    November 1, from 16 to 18 h.
    November 2, from 12 to 14 h.
    The assistants will learn to cook buñuelos de viento, a typical dessert of the Day of the Dead. Stuffed with pastry cream or cream, you can take home the fritters made during the workshop.
    Price: 12 €. Maximum capacity: 20 participants.

    Magüestu, concerts and disturbing encounters
    31 for October and 1 for November, from 19 to 21 h.
    The members of EL KOKU LA MANZANA will give a concert of popular, traditional and modern sounds, of a carefree and very participative character.
    A rhythm that will be accompanied by the taste of a traditional Magüestu, with chestnuts and sweet cider.
    Price: 6 € (up to 5 years, free). Limited capacity.

    Screening of the movie Don Juan in the hells
    31 Day in October, at 21 h.
    Based on Don Juan de Molière.
    Limited capacity.

    Registration and ticket sales for children's, adult and magüestu workshops, concerts and disturbing encounters, starting on Saturday, October 17, at the Botanical Box office.
    And in addition ... all participants in the workshops for children, adults, relatives and in the pumpkin contest, will receive an envelope with seeds of pumpkins grown in the Atlantic Botanical Garden.

    Aquarium phone number: 985 18 52 20
    Phone Botanical Garden: 985 18 51 30

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