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Ginger of cider 2011

Ginger of cider 2011

Ginger of cider 2011

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    The third edition of Gijón de Sidra 7 will take place from 16 to 2011 in October. For ten days, Gijons and visitors can visit the participating 34 cider houses. The curious thing about these days is that each cider house welcomes the cider of a single llagar of the 34 that participate. In addition, the quality is guaranteed since each type of cider has been selected by a tasting committee.

    In Gijón de Sidra you think about everything and as you drink ciders you always want an "accompaniment", for 2,90 € you can take the bottle of cider accompanied by a cazuelaina or ration of your own creation. If you go in a group, for 3,90 € you will have the bottle accompanied by a cazuelona for 3 or 4 people. The prices are worth it!

    All accompanied by traditional songs: the "songs of winch".

    Source: visitagijon.com

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