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We can offer up to an 40% energy savings with our natural gas and heating services.


More than thirty years of experience support us. We offer maximum professionalism and quality in our work.

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We comply with the requirements imposed by our clients as well as all those of a legal nature that are required.


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individual gas installation

We offer the installation with a very reduced cost to customers who register for the first time and at cost ZERO for customers with a key in a window.

collective gas installation

We offer installation at cost ZERO under a transfer of use regime, for communities that do not currently have gas supply.

gpl gas installation

We carry out the complete transformation of your building and connect the new installation to the general network of Natural Gas at cost ZERO.

Heating installation

multi-layer materials

For the circuits of radiators whose installation is hidden we use multilayer materials that offer greater durability and reliability.


Installations with condensing boilers and radiators with an emission equivalent to 100 kcal / m2. Greater comfort and performance

low temperature

The low temperature operation of this type of facility offers an estimated average saving of 35% compared to other systems.

circuit seen

In inhabited housing, to avoid works, circuit seen with copper pipes is installed, separating each of the radiator batteries.

We will avoid the "cold wall" effect if we install the radiators under the windows, achieving energy savings of up to 5%. In addition, by placing thermostatic valves in the radiators we can achieve an 15% more savings.

Installing a room thermostat in your home can save up to 15%, being mandatory according to current regulations.

The average saving in natural gas consumption in a condensation boiler installation is between 19% and 25% savings in gas, up to 40% in underfloor heating installations.

Boiler installation

With our advice, based on years of experience and hundreds of boilers installed, as well as the opinions provided by our former customers, we will offer the boiler and the type of installation that best suits the needs of your home.


the condensing models are the boilers with the highest energy efficiency in the market. If we want more comfort we can choose microaccumulation models.


We perform the installation approved in writing by our client. At the end of the installation, we certify the work in order to legalize the entire installation before the Ministry of Industry.


We guarantee ALL our facilities for two years. We carry out for you the procedures of subsidy for the replacement of boilers when they are of condensation.

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