The foundation

Don Dionisio Ruisánchez Fuentes, by testament granted in Ribadesella on the 1 day of August of 1952, ordered that his inheritance be divided into two halves, one of which was affected by the constitution of a charitable private foundation.

The Foundation was established with the purpose of providing the appropriate instruction for the apprenticeship of a trade to young people of both sexes of the Ribadesella Council.

The Foundation also has as an objective the payment of life annuities to elderly people who lack the means to attend to their subsistence.

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University Promises Award 2018
Delivered to the student Candela Rivero Gutiérrez of 2º of BHCS. The prize was awarded to the Head of Studies, Begoña Bousoño García.

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Call for aid

Economic contributions for young students (University Studies and Training Cycles) of Ribadesella.
Applications can be made at the IES Avelina Cerra from the 9 day in July to the 14: 00 h on the 20 day in July. The ...

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