The foundation

The main objective of the Carlos Laborde Foundation is to promote the beneficiaries' own capacities, betting on the integral formation and training of the people, in order that they can carry out an activity that allows them to be sustainable.

Starting from the basis that the formation of people is the main instrument of development, FUNCAL carries out actions that offer opportunities to those who had not. To this end, it promotes, promotes and develops different educational activities, programs and projects, aimed at promoting an improvement in the living conditions of the countries most in need, particularly in Latin America.
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Projects in Ayacucho
Ayacucho, also known by its pre-Hispanic name of Huamanga, is the capital of the department of its same name, located southeast of Lima and west of Cuzco.

Projects in Sepahua
In this place there is a native indigenous community composed of five ethnic groups at different levels of development: yine, amahuaca, yaminahua, sharanahua and matsiguenga.

Projects in Lima

The population of Lima has grown vertiginously since the end of the 70 years due to the arrival of displaced people, coming from the political-terrorist conflict.