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The Foyu Grill
Zaldívar 21,


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Speciality on grilled meats. A traditional, looking for a good relationship between the quality of the products, mainly indigenous, and the price.
The fish comes from Lastres, Ribadesella or Llanes, the meat is Trasacar and the PGI Ternera Asturiana and the chorizos are from La Vega de San Julián, Bimenes.

Wood grill:
· Wide variety of grilled meats: ribeye, entrecote, sirloin, ribs, chicken, criollos ...

Spoon dishes:
· Seafood soup
· Fabes with Clams
Asturian Fabada
Asturian pot

As well the desserts are homemade, with rice pudding, fried milk, beans and cheese or cider tarts as specialties.

coordinates Latitude: 43.4806862 Length: -5.4329214 qualifying.

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