Folixa riosellana de la Sidra 2017

Culines and more for Ribadesella

Folixa riosellana de la Sidra 2017

The Folixa de la Sidre de Ribeseya meets twenty years and he's going to celebrate in style.
The association that organizes it, «Entaína», will have two exceptional guests, who are also also anniversary.

· Friday May 5
Rock night, performance by «Dixebra», that celebrate thirty years of trajectory.

· Saturday May 6
Folk night, performance by «Corquiéu», which celebrate twenty years of career, being in the foliose riosellana where they made their first performance as a group.

There will be a tasting contest, international trumpet contest, home cider contest, scoring this year for the regional contest, ...

May 5

19: 30 Coro La Fuentina (Rula) and First Semifinal of Torneu de Bolos
20: 30 h. Band of Bagpipes from Ribeseya
21: 30 Cry
22: 30 Nueche Rock: Almatrampa and Dixebra

May 6

12: 00 h. Children's showcooking
12: 30 h. Second Semifinal of the Torneu de Bolos
13: 00 h. First semifinal of Sidre Caseru.
Performance of the Band Gaites Salia y Danza DArcos
16: 30 h. Second Semifinal of Sidre Caseru
17: 30 h. Traditional sports
21: 30 h. Championatu del Mundu de Trompetilles
22: 30 h. Nueche Folk: Corquiéu

May 7

12: 00 h. End of the Sidre Caseru Contest
13: 00 h. Anabel Santiago and the Alloriaos
17: 00 h. End of the Torneu de Bolos
18: 00 h. Campeonatu d Cuppers
19: 30 h. Grupu de Baile El Corveru
21: 00 h. Nueche in Dance Cantaruxare

coordinates Latitude: 43.4626083 Length: -5.0583534

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