Folixa riosellana de la Sidra 2016

Folixa riosellana de la Sidra 2016
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One more year comes the Folixa de la Sidra de Ribadesella, four days full of activities for all audiences and tastes. The days 21, 22, 23 and 24 for April. Among other things we will enjoy night of dance, bowling, dance groups, home cider contest, tune, world championship of trumpets, concerts, bagpipes band ... and cider, lots of cider.

Thursday 21 of April:
20: 30 hours Cry.
21: 00 hours Test of cheeses and ciders.
22: 00 hours Showcooking.

Friday 22 of April:
18: 00 hours Semi-final bowling.
19: 00 hours Performance of the chorus La Fuentina (Rula).
20: 00 parade hours Band of Gates of Ribeseya.
23: 00 hours Night in Dance enlivened by Cantaruxare and micro open.

Saturday 23 of April:
12: 00 hours Pop Piquiñín
13: 30 hours Performance of the Traditional Music School.
14: 00 hours Cider tap, free with the glass of Folixa.
17: 00 hours Performance of the Grupu de Baile El Corveru.
18: 00 hours Traditional games (Dock).
18: 30 hours Bowling match several categories.
22: 00 hours Night concert: La Nueve, Duerna and Skama La Rede. The Cabu Peñes band is one of the leading Asturian groups with their Ska-Rock and they will certainly not leave anyone indifferent.
Little by little we are going to make up the schedule and other details of what we are going to offer to neighbors, and to all the people that come to visit us. Go booking the weekend!

Sunday April 24
12: 00 hours Homemade cider contest.
13: 00 hours Performance of Anabel Santiago and her school.
17: 00 hours of bowling.
18: 00 hours Contest of pourers.
21: 00 hours Concert by Chus Pedro.
23: 00 hours World Trumpet Championship.

The folixa la organizes the Entaína de Ribadesella Association with the collaboration of Viuda de Angelón and the City Council of Ribadesella.

One more year the Folixa de la Sidre de Ribeseya, with four days of public activity loadings and tastes. Ente otres coses we will enjoy the nueche in dance, bowling, dance groups, caseru sidre concursu, tonada, champonatu del mundu of trompetilles, concerts, band of gaites ... and cider Sidre a esgaya!

The nueche'l sábadu 23 Skama La Rede. The band of Cabu Peñes is one of the Asturian representative groups with Ska-Rock and ensin dubia nun goes dexar to indifferent naide.

The days 21,22,23 and 24 d'abril the Folixa de la Sidre de Ribeseya will be celebrated.
The acts entámalos l'association Entaina Ribeseya tail collaboration of Viuda de Angelón and the Ribeseya Conceyu.
We invite you to visit us and we thank you for your event.

coordinates Latitude: 43.4636459 Length: -5.0581551

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