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Folixa riosellana de la cider

Folixa riosellana de la cider

Folixa riosellana de la cider

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    The next 23, 24, 25 and 26 in April Ribadesella recovers the "Folixa de la Sidra" thanks to the effort of the Entaína Ribeseya Cultural Association. Days full of activities for all ages, with music, contests, exhibitions and much, much cider. We detail the program of all acts:

    [[[THURSDAY 23 APRIL]]]
    20: 00 hours
    Proclamation by Juan Luis García, sommelier of the Salgar, who will offer us a talk on table cider and a tasting.

    [[[FRIDAY 24 APRIL]]]
    19: 30 hours
    Coro la Fuentina. In the Ribadesella Rula.

    20: 30 hours
    Band Gaites Ribeseya. Parade

    23: 30 hours
    Traditional dance night, enlivened by the Cantaruxare group, formed by Ambás, Ramsés, Paulino and Diego.

    [[[SATURDAY 25 APRIL]]]
    13: 00 hours
    Dancing couples contest (Amateur and professional)

    17: 00 hours
    display Asturian Traditional Sportsor, in the Paseo del Muelle.

    18: 00 hours
    showcooking with Jaime de la Uz (Michelin star and manager of the Arbidel Restaurant ), Bruno Lombán (Restaurant Manager) Quince Nudos Restaurant and Tito Bustillo's Attic) and Lluis Nel Estrada (Businessman, manager 40 springs).

    Free cider up to the 20: 00 hours. Tent of the Plaza Nueva.

    Gymkhana and children's theater. On the pier, if it rains in the Plaza de Abastos or Poli de la Escuela. With Antonio Moreno, clown and part of the Mamarracha events and shows.

    19: 00 hours
    Welcome to Cofrades de la Cider and round the collaborating bars.

    22: 30 hours
    Rock night riosellano. Chino el Indio, Redneck Surfers and Almatrampa presenting new album.

    Friday and Saturday Bowling Competition different categories in the Plaza de la Iglesia. Organizes the Casa Gaspar bowling club.

    [[[26 SUNDAY APRIL]]]

    12: 00 hours
    Homemade cider contest, enlivened with Asturian tune. With Anabel Santiago and students.

    17: 00 hours
    Contest of cider pourers, enlivened with tune.

    18: 00 hours
    Childish games.
    End of bowling and awards ceremony.

    22: 00 hours
    Games for adults, entertained by the duo Uno + Uno.

    We are going to count on artisan standss in the Plaza Maria Cristina and Paseo del Muelle, if necessary.

    There will free cider courtesy of different llagares, in unconfirmed hours, in Plaza Nueva. We will sell a glass of cider recorded to remember this folixa.

    Several sidrerías and chigres offer during the Saturday and Sunday of the folixa, a cazuelina and a bottle of cider for 4 €.
    Sidrería Restaurant The Portiella
    Sidrería Restaurant Gaspar House
    Restaurant The Chopera
    The Breakwater, The Nansa, The Anchor, The Bowling in the Carmen, The Prau in Tereñes, The Scribe, The Hideout, Las Vegas, Capri, Rte Bistró María Manuela, Pachy House, El Tarteru, El Bodegón, The Terrace, Casa Nieto in El Carmen, Pizzeria Cavallé (The Beach) cider bottle 33 cl + cazuelina, Rte. River Cup cider brut + cazuelina 3 €.

    Members of the Cultural Association Entaína Ribeseya We will be identified to provide you with the necessary information. We will have a position in the Plaza Nueva where some colleagues will take the data to those who want to be part of our association.

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