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Folixa riosellana de la Sidra 2018

Folixa riosellana de la Sidra 2018

Folixa riosellana de la Sidra 2018

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    La asociación «Entaína»organiza la «Folixa de la Sidre de Ribadesella» este 2018 los días 11, 12 y 13 de mayo. Un espacio pensado para disfrutar del sabor de Asturias con música, llagares, grupos de baile, bandas de gaitas…

    · Friday 11 of May. Friday sailor
    20: 00 h. Sailor Showcooking
    21: 00 h. Cry
    21: 30 h. Marmite cast
    22: 00 h. Music with Anabel Santiago
    23: 30 h. Avalle Van

    · Saturday 12 of May. Traditional Saturday
    This year there will be dances with groups from the east, three councils and four groups, from the 13 hours:
    · ACElCorveru of Ribadesella
    · GFLaTamarga y GBCobijeru of the neighboring municipality of Llanes
    · AFPicosdeEurope that come from Cangas de Onís

    22: 00 h. Jerónimo Granda
    23:45 h. P’Amusquis
    00: 30 h. Weaver

    · Sunday 13 of May. Home sunday
    IV Homemade cider contest
    13 Sunday from 12 tomorrow you will be able to taste all the cider of the contest buying a glass for 3 euros. All enlivened by bandina Los Gascones.

    Each participant must present a box and a half of cider per palu (6 bottles for the contest and a box for the tasting popular), the last day to sign up is Thursday 3 in May.
    We are going to pick up the cider boxes in the municipality of Ribadesella between the 4,5 and 6 days and after the folixa we return them too!
    The semifinals will be held at the Plaza de Abastos on Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 from the 7 and a half, and the grand final will be on Sunday 13 from the 1 in the tent of the Plaza Nueva.

    The three first classified of the Ribadesella council are classified for the final of Asturias, which will take place in Villaviciosa in the month of October.

    17:00 h. Afternoon of kids. Prehistoric games Dance of Arcs. Children's Choir and Bandina Salia.
    18:30 h. Pourers contest
    20:00 h. Tonada Festival. Oscar Fernández.
    22: 00 h. Blio
    23: 30 h. Popular games and final trumpet.


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