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Folixa Primavera Mieres

Folixa Primavera Mieres

Folixa Primavera Mieres

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    The Park Xovellanos de Mieres hosts a new edition of the Folixa na primavera spring festival 13, 14 and 15 for April.
    Three days in which music, excellent gastronomy, cider and traditions will come together in a great spring festival.

    Friday April 13
    · The Berrones
    · Skama the Rede

    Two Asturian ensembles to begin with, the first of them has been on stage for 30 years on stage with their “agro-rock” and the latter will present their band's 15th anniversary tour at Mieres.

    Saturday April 14
    · Rubén Alba
    · Lúnasa

    Rubén Alba is a bagpiper, he regularly collaborates with other bands and this year he plans to present his first album.

    The Irish group, Lúnasa, is the big star of the Folixa na Primavera musical poster.
    It was founded in 1997 and is a reference within traditional Irish music. The band has already recorded eight albums, of which more than a quarter of a million copies have been sold, and their appearances at prestigious festivals are frequent.

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