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Weekends of the Pedreru in Caravia

Weekends of the Pedreru in Caravia

Weekends of the Pedreru in Caravia

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    The "Pedreru Weekends" will be held 26, 27 and 28 days for June and the days of 3, 4 and 5 for July in Caravia. To the gastronomic offer must be added the stay in hotels and village houses at "very special" prices.

    Five restaurants will cook seafood: Hotel Caravia, El Salón restaurant, Casa Carlos, Carrales restaurant and Casa Pancho. And to book accommodation, you will have to contact Caravia and La Raposera hotels and two village houses, La Forquita and Duesos.

    Restaurant Hotel Caravia
    Llámpares guisaes
    Crab cake with mayonnaise of oriciosa
    Fabes with walks
    Home Desserts
    Wine Rueda or Rioja
    More info Restaurant Hotel Caravia

    The price of the menu is 25 euros, and will offer dishes of lamps, fabas with walkers, stewed octopus with patatinas, scrambled eggs, hake croquettes, cream marble chips, peppers stuffed with seafood ... a luxury.

    The fourth edition of these days await the success of previous editions, sure they get it.

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