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Fiestas San Mateo Oviedo 2011

Fiestas San Mateo Oviedo 2011

Fiestas San Mateo Oviedo 2011
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    When the summer ends, you still have to reserve some extra strength because the San Mateo festivities arrive. September in Oviedo is pure fun. For a couple of weeks, the city offers a wide range of activities. Ovetenses, Asturians and tourists mingle in a festive whirlwind.

    Concerts in the Cathedral Square, from 16 to 24 for September. Free.

    Friday 16 Day: Pastora Soler, Jerónimo Granda and Sôber.
    Day Saturday 17: Estrella Morente, Camela and Dark eMe.
    Día Domingo 18: Antonio Cortés, Mario, La Compañía de Pepa Montes & Ricardo Miño.
    Day Monday 19: Jorge Illegal and the Magnificent, Carlos Baute and The Mokomitas (Winner of San Mateo Rock Competition 2010).
    Day Tuesday 20: The Shica, The Exception and Cristian Varela.
    Day Wednesday 21: Stormy Mondays, Fangoriay Delorean.
    Thursday 22 Day: Russian Red, M-Clan and Lori Meyers.
    Friday 23 Day: Buena Fé, Avalanch and Carlos Jean.
    Día Sábado 24: Hevia, Juan Losada & Angel-A Bnd y Melendi.

    Concierto de Maná. Drama y Luz – Gira española.
    Day 18 Sunday, at 22: 00 h. at the Carlos Tartiere football stadium.

    61 Parade of the Day of America in Asturias (dedicated to Ecuador, the 19 of September.).

    Theater in San Mateo.

    · Men do not lie With Arturo Fernández. From 09.09.2011 to 18.09.2011, 20: 00 h., Philharmonic Theater.
    · Shirley Valentine With Verónica Forqué. Days 20.09.2011 and 21.09.2011, day 20 at 19 and 22h / day 21 at 20 hours, Philharmonic Theater.
    · It is more expensive to stay at home. Day 22.09.2011, 20 hours and 22.30 hours, Philharmonic Theater.
    · Scandal in the palace. With Pedro Ruiz. From 23.09.2011 to 25.09.2011, days 23 and 25 to 20h / day 24 to 20 and 22.30h, Philharmonic Theater.

    XIV Rock Contest Ciudad de Oviedo.
    From the 16 to the 18 and the 21 to the 25 of September in the Plaza de Feijóo.

    Source: Oviedo City Council.

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