San Juan in Asturias 2016

San Juan in Asturias 2016

There are many localities that celebrate the night of San Juan throughout the Asturian geography, here we leave the agenda of acts, concerts and bonfires of some of them.

Fiesta San Juan in Oviedo, 23 June 2016

El Campillín Park
Children's Activities with the collaboration of the Neighborhood Association of Oviedo Redondo.
· 16.00 h. Children's games, skating, spinning top, handkerchief ...
· 19.00 h. Mitoloxía de San Xuan, by the group of Teatro Factoría Norte.
· To finalize performance of the Band of the Municipal School of Music of Oviedo, dependent of the Department of Education.

Old Oviedo squares
· From the 21.00 h. Dance group performances. Escandalera Square
· 23.00 h. Recyklantex parade towards the Plaza de la Catedral.

Cathedral Square
· 23.30 h. "Nueche Máxica Cervantina", by the theater group Margen and RECYKLANTEX DE FUEGO by the Cía. K de Calle, from Zaragoza.
· 00.00 h. Ignite the bonfire.
· Dance Prima with the dance groups "Trasgu", "Fitoria" and "Inmaculada", from Oviedo.

Fiesta San Juan in Gijón, 23 June 2016

San Xuan on Poniente Beach, bonfire and fireworks at twelve o'clock at night. Night of fire and tradition at Poniente Beach. Traditional music by the Gaitas de Gaitas Villa de Xixón and Noega.

Fiesta San Juan in Avilés, 23 June 2016

Ignition of the Foguera de San Juan, at 00: 00 h. The events take place in the Plaza de Pedro Menéndez with the bonfire and the popular Prima Dance around the fire.

Fiesta San Juan in Mieres, 23 June 2016

· 18.00 h. Final XIV San Xuan Tennis Tournament. On the slopes of the south sports center. Organized Tennis Club Mieres del Camín.
· 19.00 h. Soleá Dance School Festival. In the Auditorium Teodoro Cuetsa. Organized Dance School Soleá.
· 19.00 h. Rite of framed sources. In the Basque Fountains and the City Hall.
· 20.00 h. Preparation of the foguera: La Cargüeñá (carrying firewood for the foguera). Parade with country car, bands of bagpipes and folk groups and the Xata San Xuan. Through Manuel Llaneza, Ramón y Cajal and Plaza del Ayuntamiento streets.
· 20.00 h. Arrozado San Xuan 2016. In the Patio of the schools Liceo Mierense and Aniceto Sela. Organized by Brotherhood of Celebrations San Bartolomé de Baíña.
33600 Concerts
· 20.00 h. FMM performance, in Requejo.
· 21.00 h. Acting Well, in Requejo.
· 23.15 h.Great Fireworks Show. Color, Light, Magic. Launching site: Pozo Barredo castle esplanade. In charge of the Pirotecnia Pablo company.
· 00.00 h. Bonfire of San Xuan. In the town hall square.
· 00.00 h. Dance Prima. In the town hall square. Choir: L'Artusu Group. Soloists: Ángeles Nespral and José Manuel García.
· 01.00 h. Paula Rojo in concert. In the Jovellanos Park.
· 02.30 h. Acting orchestra Principado S.XXI. In the Jovellanos Park.

Fiesta San Juan in other locations 23 June 2016

Night of San Juan in Ribadesella
Feast of San Juan in Trelles, Coaña
Feast of San Juan in Soirana, Navia
Bonfire of San Juan in Bimenes
Feast of San Juan in La Capitana, Luarca
Feast of San Juan in La Fontana, Pravia
Feast of San Juan in El Corral, Cangas del Narcea
Feast of San Juan in Les Campes, Siero

coordinates Latitude: 43.3623505 Length: -5.8442702

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