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Fiestas of Picadillo and Sabadiego

Fiestas of Picadillo and Sabadiego

Fiestas of Picadillo and Sabadiego

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    One more year the Order of Sabadiego is responsible for promoting the party; Each year a guest reads the proclamation and new knights are admitted in their brotherhood, this year will be the 23, 24 and 25 days of April, coinciding with San Marcos.

    The picadillo and Sabadiego, sausage made from blood, lean and onion, are two hallmarks of the village of Noreña, chacinero town par excellence.

    To these gastronomic days other brotherhoods come from all Spain and the southwest of France.

    This year, the journalist and writer Isabel San Sebastián has been distinguished with the national journalism prize "Condado de Noreña" and on Friday 22 of April is celebrated in the restaurant La Ferrada de Noreña, at 14: 30 hours, delivery of the "Porcófilos 2016" awards that this year they fell to the figure of the journalist Ramón Sánchez-Ocaña and the gastronomic critic Carlos Maribona.

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