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Asturias Summer Parties 2020

Asturias Summer Parties 2020

Asturias Summer Parties 2020
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    What parties will there be this summer in Asturias? The pandemic has changed the festive calendar.
    Social distancing is one of the most effective measures to avoid infections, which has caused that some of the most popular summer festivals in Asturias have had to be canceled this 2020. Here we inform you in detail and by locality the festivals that are still standing , those that have been canceled and those that there is still no official confirmation one way or the other.

    Gijón 2020 festivities

    · The 2020 Big Week is still on, but the programming will adapt to the restrictions of the coronavirus crisis.
    The planned dates are 7 to August 16. Alternatives are being sought to replace the concerts in the Plaza Mayor and on the Poniente esplanade.

    The organization is holding the Cometcon, which was to be held in April, but was postponed to August.
    The new dates are on August 28, 29 and 30 and the weekend of 4, 5 y de Septiembre 6, at the Luis Adaro fairground in Gijón.
    Among the planned scenarios, the Los Fresnos shopping center, the Council of the Mocedá de Xixión, the Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto, the old School of Commerce and the Nicanor Piñole Museum, among others. its on Will be totally free, although an entry will have to be removed to be able to control the capacity and data of the attendees.

    Oviedo 2020 festivities

    · San Mateo festivities.
    The festivities of San Mateo they are going to celebrate, although events are decentralized by neighborhood and the capacity for celebrations is reduced,  of September 13 to 21.

    The Councilor for Celebrations of the Oviedo City Council has guaranteed the celebration next September, although in this edition the health and safety of citizens will prevail due to the coronavirus health crisis. The Department of Celebrations has already begun to plan the celebrations, and has advanced that they will be decentralized in the neighborhoods and the capacity will be reduced.

    Festivities of Avilés 2020

    · Avilés Action Film Festival
    From August 10 to 13, open-air projection, in the Plaza de Álvarez Acebal, of the shorts presented at the XIX Short Film Contest.

    Drive-in at the Niemeyer Center
    · 'Specials', on Wednesday 5 August.
    · 'The Odyssey of the Giles', on Thursday, August 6.
    · 'The farewell', on Friday, August 7.
    · 'Parasites', on Saturday, August 9.

    The protocol established to prevent the coronavirus includes a maximum of three occupants per vehicle (regardless of whether or not they are living together), the mandatory use of a mask inside the vehicle, respect for the interpersonal safety distance in case of leaving of the vehicle (to go to the toilet or cafeteria) and the prohibition of sale and consumption of alcohol.

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