Festivals of Regional Gastronomic Interest

Rich gastronomy of Asturias

In Asturias you eat well in almost every stove and it is also eaten, almost always, in abundance. Being of good food, parties and gastronomic events proliferate, some have obtained the official rank of "Festivals of Regional gastronomic interest"; We list them.

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Fiestas of Regional Gastronomic Interest in Asturias.
The declaration of tourist interest means that the festival benefits from regional resources and is part of the promotion channels of the Government of the Principality and the Regional Tourism Society.

Gastronomic Festival of the Turnips of La Foz de Morcín

The Days are organized by the Brotherhood of Friends of the Nabos, brothers who promote the popularization and consumption of turnips and their traditional elaboration.
During the festivities of San Antón, patron of the Foz de Morcín, this gastronomic festival is celebrated every year. The morciniegos and visitors gather around the local tablecloths to ritually give a good account of this traditional dish of Asturian cuisine. The menu consists of: pot of turnips with compango (chorizo, morcilla ...), Afuega'l Pitu cheese and the casadielles artisans.

Festivals or Gastronomic Days of San Martín del Rey Aurelio

[1] Gastronomic Days of the Turnips in Sotrondio
The 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 days of November are celebrated in the town of Sotrondio, coinciding with the celebration of the patron saint festivities in honor of San Martín de Tours. Organized by the society celebrations of the town with the collaboration of the Department of Culture of the City.

The gastronomic menu: the pot of turnips with a chorizo ​​sausage, blood sausage, pork rib and head; serving of tripe, second course, and cassadilla, for dessert, complete the menu, served with red wine or cider.

[2] Gastronomic Days of Les Cebolles Fillings in El Entrego
It coincides with the festival of San Andrés, the last weekend of November. These days of Cebolles Rellenes, the most international dish and that has played the role of gastronomic ambassador of the municipality, is celebrated in El Entrego. Good onions, stuffed with bonito, and accompanied by tripe, as a second course, and casadiellas for dessert. Strong menu.

Festival of the Sardine in Candás

The Sardine Festival is celebrated within the framework of the festivities of San Felix, patron of Candás. Since the years 70 has become a summer event par excellence, thousands of attendees give a good account of about 5.000 kilos of blue fish. You can taste grilled sardines prepared by each of the restaurants participating in the festival and at popular prices. One of these restaurants is also awarded the "Sardina de Oro", a prize awarded by a popular jury who best prepares sardines at the festival.

Feast of San Marcos, feast of Picadillo and Sabadiego de Noreña

The guild of chacineros of the town created this party back in the 80 years, to honor its patron, San Marcos, passing over time to become a very popular celebration. The occasion is used to appoint the senior Chacineros of the County and, to award the Noreña County National Journalism Award.

Cabrales Cheese Contest in Cabrales

It is one of the cheese festivals with the longest tradition in the peninsula and in this contest one day more than three tons of cabraliego flavor are sold. Master cheesemakers who come from Sotres, Tielve, Asiego, Oceño, Rozagas, Berodia ... It is celebrated the last Sunday of August in Arenas de Cabrales, a date that cheese lovers should not miss.
More info Cabrales Cheese Contest

Vintage of Cangas del Narcea

It is held continuously since the 2002 year on Friday, Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding the October 12. The celebration is based around wine, a product deeply rooted in the area. In addition to a thousand-year-old winemaking tradition, it should be noted that Cangas del Nancea is the only place in Asturias where wine is produced, its consumption being much higher than that of cider.
More info Wine from Cangas del Narcea

Photo «Stuffed Onions»: Kike Llames and M. Mo
Photo «Wine of Cangas»: José Suárez

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