2015 Guide Parties

2015 Guide Parties

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    The Festivities of Our Lady of Guide, patron saint of the sailors, are organized by the local Fishermen's Association, nine days before in the hermitage of Guide a novena is celebrated and on the eve of the feast the fishermen descend to the virgin by the slope of the Mount Corveru amidst the stampeding of the voices, the ringing of bells and the whining of the siren of the rula. This year 2015 will be the 3, 4 5 and 6 days of July. They are the festivities that start the summer riosellano.

    We detail the programming of the acts.

    Friday 3 July

    20: 30 hours Ninth of Friday 26 of June.
    22: 30 hours Verbena with the performance of Assia and Dúo Brass.

    Saturday 4 July

    21: 00 hours Ninth and mass.
    22: 00 hours Descent of the Virgin of Guía in procession to the church, accompanied by the Banda de Gaites de Ribeseya and the Dance of Arcos. The La Fuentina Choir will sing La Salve in the Rula.
    23: 00 hours Verbena enlivened by Orquesta Iris and Dúo Brass.

    Sunday July 5

    12: 00 hours Solemn Mass in the church.
    18: 15 hours Procession by sea and return to the hermitage of the Virgen de Guía.
    19: 30 Showcooking. Live seafood cooking workshop by local chefs.
    20: 00 hours Verbena enlivened by Andén 31.

    Monday July 6
    Children's and retirees' day

    13: 00 Mass hours of the Virgen de Guía association in the church, with the Manín de Lastres choir.
    14: 00 hours Sorority meal. Concert and dance of sobremesa. (There will be transportation service).
    16: 00 hours Fishing contest.
    17: 30 hours Children's games.
    19: 00 hours Great chocolate organized by the commission.

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