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Tapia de Casariego Interceltic Festival 2016

Tapia de Casariego Interceltic Festival 2016

Tapia de Casariego Interceltic Festival 2016
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    The Festival Intercéltico d'Occidente (FIDO) was born in the summer of 1996, meets 20 years, and since 2013 is declared a Regional Tourist Interest Party. The main novelty of this 2016 is the change of date, since the Fido will be held 3 to August 8 and not mid-month as usual.

    On 3 Wednesday in August, the 19: 30 opens this new edition. From that same day you can enjoy the Celtic market, the exhibition on the manufacture and restoration of old instruments, and various musical performances that will take place throughout the festival with the help of groups from different parts of the world. : Asturias the La Madreña Cultural Association, the Trisquel Gaitas Group and the Marino Tapiega Bagpipes Band; Galicia the Banda de Gaitas Xarabal and the Corisco Dance Group; of the French Brittany the Bagad Pays des Abers and the Bleuniadur Gwenn Dance Group; from Scotland the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Pipe Band; from Ireland the Dominic Graham School of Irish Dance and of Santiago de Chile the Banda de Gaitas Ximielgu of the Asturian Collectivity of Santiago de Chile.

    · He Thursday 4 of August the music moves to the Port of Tapia, with the performance at the 23: 30 «The Koku the Apple». Throughout the day there will also be exhibitions, the opening of the International School of Folk Music, a jam session, and more musical performances.

    · He Friday 5 of August is Tribute to the Marinersto the 12: 00 at the Os Cañóis viewpoint and also the "Celtic Nenos Day".
    This same night the concerts on the beach of Murallón also begin with a Folk Murallion dedicated to Ireland thanks to the performances of FullSet and Dominic Graham School of Irish Dance.

    · He Saturday August 6 is «Grand Noite Máxica» to the 23: 30 on the beach of Murallón.

    · He Sunday 7 August will take placeFolk Massat 13:00 p.m., and more Murallón Folk at 23:30 p.m. with the performance of the winning group of the FId'O Music Contest, The Hidden Road, followed by Xabi Aburruzaga.

    · On Monday August 8th is the closing of the XX Edition of the Festival Interceltico d'Occidente with the lowering of the Celtic Flag.

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