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Rice Festival with Cabranes milk

Rice Festival with Cabranes milk

Rice Festival with Cabranes milk

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    The XXXV Festival of Rice with Milk Santolaya de Cabranes is a festival "Declared of Regional Tourist Interest" and this year will take place the weekend of 9 to May 11. We detail the schedule of events:

    Viernes de Mayo 9

    21: 00h
    Opening of the festivities at the Casa de Cultura María Josefa Canellada (City Hall building), by the official chronicler of the council D.Enrique Corripio Monestina and appointment of the Ladies, Xana and Xanina of the Festival.

    21: 30h
    Placement of the umbrella on the tree in the Plaza del Emigrante that according to tradition, will scare the orbayu during the festivities.

    22: 00h
    XVII Conference of Confraternity of Neighbors and Friends of Cabranes with the Great Parrillada- Dinner, in the sports center.
    Menu: grilled meats, arroz con leche de Santolaya and wine, cider or bread.
    Price: Adults 18 €, Children 8 € (up to 12 years) Registration until Wednesday May 7, in the bars Casa Joselu (985.89.80.11), Casa Suarez (985. 89.80.12), La Lonja de Santolaya (985.89.87.87) and El Rincón de Cabranes (985. 89.82.66) Limited places.

    From the 24h. First festival with the performance of "Salitre" from Asturias and "Disck Jockey".

    Saturday May 10

    11: 00 h
    Day of the Children's Cohabitation of the council, in the place of the Emigrant of Santolaya (a bus will pick up from the 10 h in the morning to all the children of the Council and of the CRA La Coroña wishing to participate, previous registration). Games, gifts and fun with children's entertainment.

    13: 00 h

    15.00 hours
    Test BTT OPEN Asturcántabro Cabranes.

    19: 00 h
    I Great Chapter of the Confraternity of Rice with milk.
    Official reception of the different Asturian Brotherhoods invited to the event. Parade through the streets of Santolaya to the "Lavaderu de El Vallín", where the brotherhood will receive the picture of the first prize of the Festival.

    21: 00 h
    Solemn act of presentation of the new confreres and oath ceremony.

    23.00 hours
    Verbena with the orchestras: "FOURTH STREET" AND "DISCK JOCKEY".

    XXXV Rice Festival with milk and San Francisco de Paula day

    Sunday May 11
    From the 10.30h .Pasacalles of the Banda de Gaitas de Villaviciosa "El Gaiteru" and performance of the Folkloric Group "Villaviciosa"

    11: 00 h
    Closing reception of participants in the Festival Contest. From this time, lots of rice with milk from Cabranes, commemorative of the Festival, will be on sale.
    Traditional Merchandising Craft and agro-food products throughout the morning.

    11: 30 h
    Opening of the stand of the Contest in the Plaza del Emigrante de Santolaya de Cabranes.

    12: 00 h
    Mass in honor of San Francisco de Paula in the Parochial Church of Santa Eulalia, and followed by the traditional procession to the Emigrante Square, accompanied by the Banda de Gaites de Villaviciosa "El Gaiteru" and the Folkloric Group "Villaviciosa".

    13: 30 h
    Proclamation and institutional act of the XXXV Rice Festival with milk.

    14: 00 h
    Public failure of the festival contest and awards ceremony.

    During the morning a free tasting of Cabranes milk rice will be offered, offered by the local dairy products company SANTOLAYA, and will be able to acquire commemorative trunks of the Festival.

    End of the institutional act with the interpretation of Asturian song by the famous interpreter of Carango, Manuel Robledo.

    Cultural Programming

    During the holidays, you can visit the Casa de la Cultura "Mª Josefa Canellada" (town hall building):

    Exhibition on International Mountain and Nature Photography Contest XXIV "Maria Luisa Memorial Edition". Organized by the group Ensinluz, is an exhibition that includes a sample of this photographic contest that was born with the aim of perpetuating the memory of María Luisa Alvarez, mountaineer of the Vízcares Group. The contest is one of the most important within the theme of mountain and nature.

    Exhibition of photographs "Asturias and its light"
    Organized by the Ensinluz Group, it is an exhibition of the "Amigos del Amanecer" Photographic Group, the result of the personal vision of each of the eight components of this group that for years has shared their unconditional love and love for our land, Asturias.

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