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Festival of Natural Cider of Gijón

Record Culines

Record Culines

This year 2019, the record of simultaneous pouring will be broken on Friday 23 in August starting at 18: 30 in the afternoon. The Festival lasts from 19 to 25 in August.

In order to make it perfectly clear that nowhere is the culture of natural cider lived like in Asturias, in Gijón they have been concerned for years to organize a festival in their honor and to be included in the Guinness, just in case someone wanted to get ahead. But it will be difficult for any other region of the planet to congregate more than 8.000 people in a simultaneous pour. The beach is an anthill and everyone aims to appear in a historical photo. "Look like they give it away," says someone. And it's true true.

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The participating lagareros give away more than 30.000 liters of cider and 10.000 cider glasses with the commemorative logo of the Festival are on sale. Infinite queues flowed into the same room and notaries take note so that everything is registered in a reliable manner. There is no lack of speakers that microphone in hand animate, more if possible, the cotarro.

The record, which is beaten year after year on the beaches of Gijón at the end of August, usually leaves some memorable prints. Thousands of bottles of Asturian cider are raised in unison, thousands of glasses are held with the other hand, and in an instant thousands of vertical jets are responsible for patenting idiosyncrasy cider of the Principality. An authentic cider storm, with thunder of joy, rays of euphoria and intoxicating rain.

The rite is developed through a series of steps that everyone must respect to achieve that magical simultaneity and a glorious moment. The rhythm is set by the honking horns that alert everyone: «First horn, vasu down; second, bottle up; thirdu, we add the cider; and fourth: those in the last row turn around, the bugres are starting to come out of the water ». And the public, obedient, perfectly fulfills its mission. At the peak, the Villa de Xixón bagpipe band thrills more than one with Asturias, the beloved homeland. Later, to celebrate the record, the applause alternates with the «Gijón del alma». The case is to sing.

The Guinness record is usually the apology, at the same time as the culminating moment, of a party with many other events to honor Queen Apple and her eldest daughter, the cider.

El pourers contest held in the town hall square is responsible for rewarding the aesthetics of the art of the spice, always embodied in a person who above the rest knows how to synthesize in the jet a composure, a tempo, the perfect feeling and precise grace. The prize "Golden Praise" is also awarded to the cider with the most authentic taste of those served at the party.

We can also walk around the market of cider and apple, installed in the Jardines de la Reina. If we do not know what an apple gives in gastronomic and decorative matters, here are some clues: cakes, empanadas, liquors, apple yogurt ice cream, apples dipped in caramel for the sweet tooth, scented candles with apple smell for the romantics, and then all those figurines of pourers of all conditions compiled by the traditional craftsmanship of the Principality, and that in this case exemplify one of cultural derivatives of the regional fruit par excellence.

The festival leaves no one indifferent and few are those who leave without that subtle and intoxicating point of cider. Some are spent more than the score and the score becomes a punton. The case is to be happy because of what each one considers convenient, after all it is about a unique record and we must not let the occasion pass.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

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