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XXX Boal 2016 Honey Fair

XXX Boal 2016 Honey Fair

Honey Fair Boal 2016
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    La XXX Boal Honey Fair One more year is coming, it is an unmissable appointment for honey lovers. In addition to all the products related to beekeeping, there will be activities for all ages, with music, exhibitions, rural sports, workshops and competitions for the little ones ...
    We leave you the full program of events:

    Day 22 October
    · Bowling Championship of the Honey Fair, organized by Peña Bolística Llaviada.
    Place: Bolera de Llaviada.
    Schedule: starting at 11 in the morning.

    Day 25 October
    · "Good practices in the handling of beehive products" by the veterinarian Mr. Carlos Marín.
    Place: House of Culture.
    Hours: 19,00 hours.

    Day 26 October
    · "Apiculture in Asturias, past and present", by Doña Andrea Glez, president of the Association of Beekeepers "Abeyeiros".
    Place: House of Culture.
    Hours: 19,00 hours.

    October 27 Day ·
    · "The traditional hives in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula" by Ernesto Díaz, author of the inventory of Cortines de Asturias, Galicia and Castilla León.
    Place: House of Culture.
    Hours: 19,00 hours.

    Day 28 October
    · Failure of the competitions of models, children's posters and absolute posters.
    Place: Fairground.
    Hours: 19,00 hours.

    · Traditional Magosto and theater, with the staging of the play "El Picadeiro de mi abuelo", by José Manuel Martínez Reinal.
    Place: Tent in the Park of the Emigrants.
    Hours: 21,30 hours.

    October 29, XXX Boal Honey Fair
    · 11,00 hours Opening of the Fairground.
    · 12,00 hours Parade with bagpipes band "La Reina del Truébano".
    · 13,00 hours Inauguration of the XXX Boal Honey Fair.
    Proclamation by Ignacio García Palacios, president of the Asturian Federation of Councils.
    Delivery of the "El Cortín" prize to Mr. Julio Fdez. Rguez, president of the Beekeepers Association of Boal.
    · 17,00 hours Exhibition of traditional sports by the club "Monteareo Deporte Rural" of Carreño.
    · 17,00 hours Start of two hours of workshops for children in the fairgrounds.
    · 22,30 hours Verbena with "Dúo Aroma" and "Benymar Animación".
    Place: Tent in the Park of the Emigrants.

    Day 30 October
    · 10,00 hours Opening fairground.
    · 11,30 hours Parade of bagpipes band "Brisas del Navia".
    · 12,30 hours Exhibition agility in charge of the canine education center "El Clan del Lobo" in Oviedo.
    · 13,00 hours Performance of the pandereteiras group of the Cultural Association "Lo Nueso" of Cangas del Narcea.
    Place: Fairground.
    · 16,30 hours Exhibition of traditional dances by the group "La Corte de Envemiego" by Valdés.
    Place: Fairground.
    · 16,30 hours Workshops for children two hours at the fairgrounds.
    · 19,00 hours Delivery of the prizes of the different contests.

    Throughout the weekend in several establishments will be offered a special menu, consisting of stew, roast veal and cottage cheese with honey, bread and wine.
    You can also contemplate the photographic exhibition "Muros y fieras" by Ernesto Díaz, author of the inventory of Cortines de Asturias, Galicia and Castilla y León; will be in the House of Culture from Monday 24 to Sunday 30 in October, from 12 to 13,30 hours and from 15 to 17 hours.

    The House of Beekeeping will remain open on 29 and 30 days from October from 11 to 14 hours and from 16 to 19 hours.

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