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Asturias, Magic Land

Asturias, Magic Land

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Magdalena, nº 2. 1st A,


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I introduce myself, I am Begoña Ramírez Berlinches, educator and guide of educational itineraries in nature. From «Magic Land» we want to provide you happy moments thanks to the connection with nature.

«My concern for environmental conservation and improvement and my gratitude towards this beautiful land, have led me to develop an educational proposal that unites ecological awareness and spiritual abundance.. The idea that inspires this work is to develop success in our daughters and sons, but the true spiritual dimension of success: the ability to love and feel compassion, the security of knowing that life has a purpose, the dimension that produces inner satisfaction ».

Magic land it is a project destined to educate in contact with nature, an initiative that is developing environmental education programs in the natural areas of the Principality of Asturias.

It also proposes a set of experiences aimed at personal care and well-being framed in the healthy tourism, activities that allow you to discover and enjoy the beauty of each of these landscapes, while we become aware of the protection of our natural environment and this ancestral heritage.

They are intended for all those people, groups, families, who are looking for a ecotourism Respectful, that minimizes negative impacts and helps local communities to persist over time, with quality and value.

Rates 2019

· 20,00 € adults
· 15,00 € children up to 14 years
· 12,00 € third member of a large family
· Children under 3 years do not pay
· Special prices for groups of more than 15 people

I need some time to be in nature and feel "recharged", calm, renewed ... I need a place to recover my joy and the desire to live.

What places could I visit to share unforgettable experiences with my children?
What adventures can I live in my environment?

Tierra Mágica is a pioneer in the field of education. The presence in our routes of people, families and groups increasingly interested in healthy tourism and personal development, has led us to rethink our work to adapt to this growing demand so necessary and complete for society.

1 route. "In search of the Xana"
Recreational area of ​​Trambesagües.
Mythology of the Beyu Pen. (Santillán, AMIEVA)

The enchanted forest that keeps the soul of legendary mythology characters and enchants the walker. We discover the traditional life, uses and customs in "las cuerries", the ruins of a flour mill and the beings that inhabit the forest.

A beautiful excursion that takes place in a forest of centuries-old chestnut trees, at the edge of a stream, where we will find xanas, goblins ... and other characters of Asturian Mythology carved by water and natural elements, on rocks and rocks. trees. On the route, different ecosystems are studied: the Ponga river, tributary of the Sella, with the gallery forest that populates its margins, the mountains that make up its valley where we find the native forest ... This place is an ideal resource for the development of contact activities With nature, a treasure of flora and fauna.

2 route. "Memories of mermaids"
Recreation area of ​​Cuerres and cliffs of Infiernu.
Jesters of Pría, Guadamía Beach. (LLANES AND RIBADESELLA)

The most spectacular and exclusive karst forms of the calcareous cliffs of the Asturian east.
This walk along the cliffs, in this area of ​​the Asturian coast, allows us to know live marine life. It is a unique opportunity to observe the waves, the tides, the erosion of the limestone rock and the geological forms in the form of dolins or “cenotes”, huge open holes in the rocks. We know the botanical species adapted to such harsh conditions, and at low tide if the sea allows us, the communities that live in the intertidal zone: "lamps", "periwinkles", sea urchins, mussels, anemones, starfish, etc.

Route 3. "The kingdom of the heart"
Visit to the Cave of Pindal (Pimiango) and Hayedo de San Esteban de Cuñaba. (RIBADEDEVA AND PEÑAMELLERA BAJA)

The Pindal cave is a long gallery with a wide mouth, which opens a few meters from the cliff, in a
landscape of singular beauty. The cave shelters one of the most beautiful examples of Paleolithic art in the region.
It is formed by a group of animal representations, among which the figures of a
Fish and a mammoth. The beech is a shady forest, proper to the fable and the mystery. Here we can find a true animal and plant community, in a habitat that has a special microclimate.
They live amphibians like the newt, common toad, reptiles like luci, green lizard. The birds find
shelter and food: azor, hawk, and large mammals such as wild boar, roe deer ... and endangered species, such as grouse.

Route 4. "Rocks, fossils and minearles"
Natural Monument of Entrepeñes and Playa de Vega. (RIBADESELLA)

We discover paleontology. Vega beach, with 1.600 m. in length and more than 300 m. wide, one of the largest in Asturias, retains its dune system, with species of dune habitats considered as rare, threatened or protected. In this part of the coast we find the best preserved and most spectacular outcrops of Jurassic rocks, and in them the fossils of Belemnites. Nearby is Berbes fluorite, a mineral of which Spain is an important producer. We learn to identify the different rocks and minerals.

Route 5. "Neolithic sites"
Peña Tú idol and "Horse Bridge". (Buelna, LLANES)

In the Sierra de la Borbolla, a site dating from the Neolithic era. A sanctuary that is part of the largest megalithic necropolis of eastern Asturias. We discover "Puente Caballo" within the geomorphological singularities of the Llanisco coast. The Idol of Peña Tú (El Peñatu in Asturian), is located in Puertas de Vidiago. It is an enclave in which this rock is found, known since ancient times by the inhabitants of the nearby towns (although it is not until 1914 when the first archaeological investigations are carried out).

Route 6. "The kingdom of water"
Villages and villages of the Cares river. (CABRALES AND HIGH PEÑAMELLERA)

Guided itinerary through the streets of Arenas de Cabrales, visit the cave and tasting the quesu. We discover Cares as a source of life, culture and prosperity. Study of the aquatic ecosystem in the Recreational Area of ​​Mier. This rugged and steep orography shows us a hard and self-sufficient way of life.

Next to the traditional constructions, we find ancient remains of pre-Roman and Roman times and of the medieval period, such as the House-Palace of the Mestas and Cossío, the Casa del Torrejón, the chapel of San Juan. Walking among its alleys, the blazons with the weapons of the main people, families or houses of the council appear on the facades. Traditional building materials, such as the use of stone, oak and chestnut wood, make us turn our eyes to the past of a life of shepherds, a sustainable life that makes us aware of the sobriety and greatness of these peoples , that in spite of the inclemencies and a hostile terrain, they have managed to create abundance and prosperity.

Route 7. "Tracks, clouds and mountains"
Sierra del Sueve. (COLUNGA)

Tracks for explorers. Experience to live - from one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Asturias - the wonderful feeling of learning to observe, feel and integrate the mountain.
The unique habitat of the Asturian horse. The native population of horses in northern Spain was adapted to the territory that belonged to the Asturians. It is a very rustic horse endowed with great strength and small size, which makes it very appreciated in agricultural work. It is strong and resistant, one of the oldest and purest ponies in the world.

Route 8. "The best jet in the world"
Puerto del Puntal and Bowls (VILLAVICIOSA)

Boat trip on the Ría de Villaviciosa, ethnographic itinerary through the fishing village of Tazones and live artisan workshop to learn the artisan tradition of the area and its extraction.
This Route allows us to know the jet culture, the “Magic” stone considered one of the highest quality in the world.
The boat ride is a unique experience, it allows us to live the force of the waves live and enter the sea going along the steep and wild coast until we reach Tazones. This visit brings us closer to the marine way of life, allows us to discover this historical complex that is part of the imperial routes of Carlos V in Europe. It is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and enriching experiences of the Cider Region.

The excursions in the region have been designed with the purpose of promoting and spreading the culture of our territory, raising awareness about the importance of good environmental practices and creating the need to respect ecosystems at all times through direct contact with nature. .

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy, spend time in nature and feel renewed, calm, recover the joy, the desire to live.

This is a new proposal for education, creativity, inspiration and challenges. With our «backpacks of explorers» we will know diversity of species, animal trails, knowledge of orientation and meteorology, medicinal plants… Participate in the «Journey to the heart of the trees» It will make you understand that mystery, magic and wonder have never disappeared, that daring to take the first step is the most difficult and most important thing: nature is renewed at every moment and with it your own life and your well-being.

On our excursions you will be able to attend the silent and changing kingdom of forests of the Comarca de la Sidra, to the oceanic beauty of the Villaviciosa, Colunga, Llanes and Ribadesella beaches, to the traditional way of life and customs of Villages of Cabrales, Peñamellera Alta, Ponga, Amieva... and touch the sky in the mountains of Sueve, know the aquatic ecosystem of Cares river and the singular trees that populate this magnificent, rugged and fertile territory, inhabited by men and women who have known how to live harmoniously with the land and maintain a unique and unique heritage.

coordinates Latitude: 43.4814377 Length: -5.4344797 qualifying.

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