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Underground canyoning, a new adventure


Underground canyoning, a new adventure

In eastern Asturias is born a new adventure specialty that mixes in equal parts the emotion of rappel, typical of canyons, with the amazing subterranean routes until now in the hands of caving. "Espeleobarranquismo" It is a long and composed name that combines many lasting sensations, because those who decide to practice it do not easily forget the experience.

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Asturias enjoys one of the highest densities of cavities and chasms in Europe. A substantial part of the Principality consists of limestone rocks on which important karstic frameworks have been developed. This is why the new modality of adventure sports has a guaranteed future, and that some active tourism companies, such as Towards Peaks, have decided to delimit circuits and specialize in this new adventure. We are in good hands, so to decide for the espeleobarranquismo is a safe option and available to anyone with a minimum of physical fitness.

It is well known that rainwater penetrates the fractures of the rock, dissolves it in vertical chasms, and horizontal galleries that function as natural collectors. Throughout the centuries in the Asturian caves, floors have been formed at different levels, authentic inner rivers for which we can enjoy waterfalls and sliders that have nothing to envy artificial water parks. Formations of great beauty that accompany the already classic stalactites and stalagmites, cave terraces, castings, narrow ducts and large rooms. An authentic paradise that is discovered in all its splendor when we put on our neoprene suits to dare with the waterfalls, the slides and the pots.

The underground canyons they are formed by hypogeal rivers (that is, rivers that run through the subsoil) that can only be accessed after a good speleological walk. In favorable circumstances these canyons communicate with the outside, both at the beginning and at the end of the section, which allows us to face them with habitual techniques of canyoning.

In Asturias we find rivers of this species: they are added by a cave and they cross the mountain generating inside it all the typical morphologies of the ravines, to go out again to the light from the outside by another lower mouth.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.3995590 Length: -4.7896957


Towards Peaks encourages you to practice this activity in which you will discover a new world of rock, water and darkness. In addition to all the material typical of canyoning (harness, helmet, neoprene, eight anchor rope, etc), this company provides you with acetylene and / or electric lighting and, depending on the time and the flow of the rivers, offers you a decline:

The barrage of Purón It is one of the most complete activities that can be done in the area. Combine the techniques of descending ravines with the incredible underground landscape. It is a half-day activity for people who have already made initiation ravines. El Espeleobarranco de Purón is located in the Sierra de Cuera to 20 minutes from Llanes with access only for off-road.

After an approximation of some 15 'we enter through the mouth of the cave, a vaulted room gives us an idea of ​​what awaits us. We will advance along the Purón River, through a wide gallery without much difficulty, until the gallery narrows and the channel is excavated with flooded corridors, some kettles saltable until we reach the first abseiling of 7 m, possibly the most beautiful place in the cave. We continue by some badinas until we reach a large room, we continue with some detours to reach the long abseiling of some 30 m. This rappel leaves us near the exit. In total a little over 1 Km spectacular landscape, with slides, pots, decks and rappels.

Approach walking: 15 minutes.
Descent: 2 hours.
Return to the car: 20 minutes (Complicated).
Canyon length: 1 Km.
Slope: 100 m approximately.

The price includes: Transportation from Llanes, full neoprene, harness, helmet, carabiners, descender, socks of nopreno, frontal or carburetor.
Necessary material: Sneaker for wetting, swimsuit, dry underwear, dry footwear, towel and backpack.

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